Why does my pet eat so little in summer?

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Efreya Waitecker

It is normal to ask yourself this question because of all the myths that exist on this subject. If your pet does not eat, or wants to eat less, the main reason will be the effect of the heat in their routines. The hotter it is, the less they want to move from places with more shade and coolness. It is necessary to take into account that pets need less caloric intake in summer to keep their bodies cooler.Another factor to take into account is light.

Some experts believe that the main reason for a reduction in appetite is the change in daylight hours. All this does not mean that our pets do not need to eat the same amount, as what can change is their habit.

It is logical that in the hottest hours they do not feel like eating. That is why, what they doThe ideal is to look for the coolest hours of the day to feed our pets.

Finally, another very important issue regarding the feeding of our furry friends is the hydration . You must make sure they never lack fresh water, as they do not expel body heat by sweating, as we do, but through the breath and the pads of the feet.


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