Why do chow chows have blue tongues?

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Efreya Waitecker

The reason for the Chow Chow's blue or purple tongue color is genetics. The tongue of this breed of dog contains a higher concentration of pigment cells, so its color is different from other animals. These cells are also found in the mucous membranes, so the Chow Chow is the only dog with the lips, gums and palate.It is important to note that the chow chow is not born with a completely blue tongue, but begins to take color from 2-3 months.

If your chow chow does not have a blue tongue is possible that among its parents is a dog of another breed. This feature can be found in other animals such as giraffes or somebear families.Another dog breed characterized by a blue tongue is the shar pei.In this regard, it is important to clarify that just because any other dog has blue, purple, or dark spots or dots on its tongue does not mean it is descended from a chow chow or other Chinese dog.More than 30 dog breeds show spots on their tongues.

The legend

As the chowchow chow a dog that was originally dedicated to guard and protect Buddhist temples, legend has it that one very cold day a monk became seriously ill and could not go out to look for wood to light the fire. Then, the chow chow that was in the same temple went to the forest to collect wood, but only found charred pieces and took them to the monk. When he took the charred wood with his mouth, histongue turned blue due to the contact with the charcoal.

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