Why buy Acana Light & Fit Heritage for your dog?

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Efreya Waitecker

According to various studies, two out of every three dogs in the world are overweight (between 5 and 20% over their ideal weight), and of these, almost half are obese (the increase over the ideal weight is more than 20%). These figures reveal a serious problem, because excessive weight can lead to health problems for the animal (joint, lung or lung diseases, etc.).To solve all this, nothing better than a good diet with an Acana food .

The main causes of overweight are two: on the one hand, the lack of exercise and sedentary life, on the other hand, a poor diet, either by bad habits (a lack of exercise and a sedentary life, etc. .excessive caloric intake), or because it is provided with poor quality food, which does not meet the specific needs of the animal according to their age, breed or weight, and therefore can not guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.

In order to avoid these problems and provide them with a good quality of life, we provide you with special low-calorie foodssuch as Acana Light & Fit Heritage dog food , a perfect product to ensure animals get the right nutrition.

Acana light dog food

Acana is a Canadian-based brand that makes biologically appropriate food , and does so using fresh, local ingredients produced in a sustainable way. Itcharacterized by the orientation of their preparations towards a healthy and natural food . Within the wide range of varieties offered, one of its specialties is the feed light for dogs .

The feed Acana Light is a complete food and rich in nutrients, which will allow you to control the weight of the animal without having to reduce the amount of daily food.

It is a low calorie feed , which provides the necessary amount of high quality protein while reducing carbohydrate intake. This way, your dog will feel satiated and will be able to maintain its muscle mass even if fat intake decreases.

Features of Acana Light & Fit

The Acana Light & Fit

feed is a low calorie feed , which provides the necessary amount of high quality protein while reducing carbohydrates;Fit

is a high-end, natural and holistic food, ideal for adult dogs that need to control or reduce their weight ; it is especially suitable for sterilized animals, or for those who suffer from sensitive digestions.

These are some of its main features:

  • Its composition makes it suitable for all breeds and sizes.
  • .Its main ingredients are free-range chicken and eggs, making it rich in protein and nutritious fats, but with a very low proportion of unwanted carbohydrates.
  • Contains 65% meat, almost twice as much as most specialist dog foods.
  • High in fibre, phosphorus, folic acid and calcium, as well as omega 6, omega 3 fatty acids,and vitamins A, B and D3.
  • It does not include hyperglycemic ingredients such as rice, corn or potato, but instead uses hypoglycemic fresh fruits (apples and blueberries) and vegetables (pumpkin, parsnips, spinach and kale, among others).

Thanks to this, Acana adult dog feed distinguishes itself from other products on the market by its highquality, being a guarantee of healthy and balanced food for dogs, and the ideal choice when the animal's weight needs to be kept under control or reduced.

Acana light dog food: recommendations for use

Below are the daily amounts of Feed Acana Light & Fit Heritage indicated for each animal in.The first figure corresponds to dogs that need to lose weight, and the second to those that only need to maintain it.

  • 5 Kg: 58/77 g.
  • 10 Kg: 115/144 g.
  • 20 Kg: 173/201 g.
  • 30 Kg: 230/288 g.
  • 40 Kg: 268/345 g.
  • 50 Kg: 345/403 g.
  • 60 Kg: 403/460 g.

These amounts are approximate. The most convenient iskeep a constant watch on the weight and adjust the rations to their needs.

As a general rule, it is recommended that the food intake is divided into two daily intakes and, of course, that the animal has fresh, clean water available at all times.

Also, it should be taken into consideration that this is a light feed

for adult dogs.

It iscomes in three formats: bags of 2.27, 6.8 or 13 kg

The best food at your fingertips

If you want to improve the health of your dog and get it to stay at an adequate weight, active and fit, enter our online store and discover, among others, the feed Acana Light & Fit Heritage , the best option to provide the animal with a balanced and balanced diet.You will also find other products such as anti-parasite collars, toys and everything you need to enjoy the best quality of life


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