The Siamese cat, health and disease prevention

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Efreya Waitecker

Although the Siamese cat is generally healthy, it can suffer from some typical or congenital diseases, which should be known.

One of the tips on the health of the Siamese cat has to do, precisely, to be informed about it.

Among the diseases that can suffer a Siamese cat, the most common is the respiratory infection, caused by bacteria.If he sneezes more than usual, he should be taken to the vet, as well as if he has a runny nose and eyes or if his mood drops noticeably. He may stop eating or his sense of smell may be affected.

Siamese cats can also suffer from heart disease. Owners may suspect this condition if he is suffering from heart disease.a lot when running or playing, if it has difficulty breathing, decay, etc.

As it gets older, the Siamese cat will no longer feel like exercising, running, jumping or playing, so it will tend to put on weight and become overweight. The body temperature will increase and the color of its coat will darken, as this breed is sensitive to heat.This can also be due to poorblood circulation due to obesity.

Siamese cat diseases of the congenital or hereditary type (they develop during their lives due to genetic reasons) are strabismus, otitis, deafness, behavioral disorders (fear, aggressiveness, nervousness) and urolithiasis (formation of stones or calculi in the bladder).

Less frequent in the Siamese cat are knots in the tail byalteration in the cartilage of the sternum and cases of hydrocephalus and mammary carcinoma.

If the advice on the health of the Siamese cat is followed to the letter, it can live up to 15 years or more. Do not forget to comply with the vaccination schedule and take it to the consultation with the veterinarian at least once a year (or what the professional indicates).

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