The most effective tricks to refresh your cat

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Efreya Waitecker

Cats expel excess heat through their mouths but are not able to eliminate heat at the same rate as humans, so here are a few simple tricks to help cats protect themselves from the heat:

  1. Lots of water and ice. Cool water is a great help and some of the most important things to do are to drink plenty of water and to keep your cat cool.cubes will keep it fresh and appetizing.
  2. A cool corner. It is necessary to enable a corner at home that is as cool as possible for our cat.Wet a towel and put it in the fridge overnight can be an additional accessory.
  3. Ice cream! You only need three minutes to prepare a homemade ice cream suitable for your cat.You just have to beat a can of food.along with a quarter cup of unsalted chicken broth and freeze it.
  4. Wet paws. Cats' sweat glands are not spread all over their bodies, but are concentrated in areas such as the paw pads. So cooling their paws with cool water is a good remedy against the heat.
  5. Bed near the fan. Your pet will appreciate the litter where he spends more hours near a fan to keep cool.
  6. Brushing and haircuts. Daily brushing is important and in summer is essential. The dead hairs that accumulate are a barrier that prevents expel the heat, especially in cats with long fur.
  7. Plastic pool. If you have garden or terrace you can take advantage to placea plastic pool for your cat, the height of the water should not cover their paws and inside you should place some toys that you like.

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