The memory of dogs

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Efreya Waitecker

Many people think that dogs do not have cognitive abilities like we people can have, such as memory.

Nothing could be further from the truth: the truth is that they also remember things that happen to them.

Dogs' memory is, in fact, one of their main survival weapons. These pets use their faculty of retaining in their minds theThis explains some of their fear-related behaviors, such as shying away from cars after being run over.

Similarly, remembering dogs helps them to know how they should behave at any given moment, and to perform theirIn other words, when the dog remembers when his owner has been angry with him, he is acquiring the pattern of what his correct behaviour should be. In this way, his memory also allows him to know when it is time to eat, walk or play.

Of course, the memory capacity of the dog is not always the same as that of the owner.dogs is also their main tool when it comes to learning to develop specific activities, as happens to canines specialized in detecting drugs.

How a dog remembers

The memory of dogs, as happens with people, depends on each individual. Some animals have more retentive capacity than others, and it is these breeds that are dedicatedThis is the case with golden retrievers and border collies.

In any case, the usual pattern is that dogs remember through repetition, whether it is information or a specific behavioural pattern. The help of a positive stimulus associated with this learning will make it easier for the dog to select and include it in its memories.

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