The decision to have a pet belongs to the family, never to the children.

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Efreya Waitecker

"My child wants a pet for Christmas". A dog or a cat is the wish of many children when the Christmas season approaches, so many families decide to incorporate a new four-legged member. The little ones often do not know what it means to have a pet and it is necessary for families to reflect on certain elements. It is necessary to act in a wayresponsible so that a childish illusion does not end in bad consequences.

More than 138,000 dogs and cats were collected during 2017, according to a study by the Affinity Foundation.The abandonment of dogs and cats is a problem that requires cooperation between local administrations, laws, businesses and protective entities.In addition, the study data does not include those animals thatdisappeared abandoned.

What to take into account before incorporating an animal in the family?

  1. The commitment.It will be a companion that will accompany us throughout his life.Although the children ask for the animal, the final responsible will be the adults.We cannot delegate all the responsibility to the little ones.
  2. Don't buy, adopt.It can be a good opportunity for you toour children learn the value of solidarity and we are going to provide a life in conditions to an abandoned animal.
  3. Veterinary expenses.We must value them, as both dogs and cats require specific care (vaccines, sterilization...)
  4. Education.We will have to teach our new friend the limits and guidelines at home.A puppy will probably breakWe must ask ourselves if we are willing and ready to go through this experience.
  5. Time. We will have to dedicate time to our pet and take it for walks.
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