The benefits of Impromune for dogs and cats

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Efreya Waitecker

It is well known that both dogs and cats have become part of families all over the world and their welfare is very important. In addition to providing them with good food, daily walks, good rest and complete hygiene, some medical aids are recommended to improve their quality of life .

For this reason, there are supplements for dogs that can be used to improve their quality of life

.help support a strong immune system, which translates into health and fewer visits to the vet. Within the Impromune brand you can find several products that help dogs and cats maintain optimal health and fight off upcoming illnesses with strength.

Benefits on the immune system

Impromune cats and dogs helps generateThis is due to its main component, nucleotides, which are semi-essential immunonutrients supplied orally from this supplement.

It also contributes to the m healing, proliferation and activation of T-lymphocytes. T-lymphocytes are white blood cells that are part of the immune system.immune system and are formed from stem cells in the bone marrow. Help fight infections and cancer.

  • Which animals can it be given to?

This supplement is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats, and for any size and age; making it ideal for any feline or canine companion animal. Although it is true that it depends on theThus, animals weighing less than 10 kilos will be given half a tablet, those weighing between 11 and 25 kilos will be given one tablet and those weighing more than 26 kilos will be given 2 tablets.

  • In what situations can it be administered?

If the animal has an infectious process due to bacteria or virus, it will be administeredfor at least 20 days.

In the case of geriatric animals that have received immunosuppressive drugs, Impromune will be taken for at least 30 days.

A very different case is immune stress that occurs when there is a high level of stress or anxiety.The immune system and the nervous system have a very complex relationship and affect each other.The majorThis often results in high blood pressure, anxiety or depression, impaired memory function, skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis and, finally, a weakened immune system. This means that the body's defences are lowered against any disease and the body cannot fight the virus or bacteria. That is why impromune 40 is beneficial especially in this case, butIn the case of post-operative animals and pregnant or lactating mothers, a minimum of 30 days of treatment is recommended, while for puppies or animals with poor nutrition, 20 days of treatment is suggested.

There are several presentations of the product to best adapt to short or long treatments in boxes of 20, 40 and 200tablets.

Impromune and leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis is an infectious disease caused by the bite of mosquitoes classified as phlebotomes, which contain the parasite Leishmania infantum. Although there are other ways of contracting this disease, such as through bites from one dog to another, through blood transfusions or through the placenta, leishmaniasis can also be transmitted through the placenta.

The disease can reveal itself in many ways but most commonly through skin lesions in the eyes or elsewhere. In addition there are other symptoms, such as loss of weight and appetite; vomiting, diarrhea, fever or the appearance of lumps on the skin, among others.

Although in many cases it is possible to avoid thedisease by means of repellents, vaccination or serological tests that detect the condition early; the dog's immune system can be boosted with certain products. This is the case of Impromune , as it serves both to ensure animal welfare and for treatment in the case of having contracted leishmaniosis.

And recent studies have confirmed thatThe efficacy of Impromune against leishmaniasis has been demonstrated by studying two groups of dogs infected with leishmaniasis. One group was given the usual treatment, while the other group was treated with Impromune .

In addition, Impromune was given to two groups of dogs infected with leishmaniasis, one group with the usual treatment and the other group with Impromune

. Impromunea better rating, as it lacks side effects such as Xanthinuria, which is characterized by a lower level of uric acid in urine and blood, which eventually causes urolithiasis.

All in all, supplements for dogs are a good option to anticipate possible diseases and to combat them in many cases.Your supply is investing in health.

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