The Albino Ferret

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Efreya Waitecker

As it lacks pigmentation, its eyes are red and its coat is white or yellowish white. The nose and paw pads are pink.

Albino means both yellowish white, faint cream or totally white and free of spots or color changes.

Eyes pink and nose depigmented rather pink or pink.

The albino Ferret is neither more nor less.Their color or lack of color is nothing more than a physical aspect and does not condition their emotional state or their character.

Common information on all varieties of ferret

The ferret is one of the last to arrive in homes as a pet and the truth is that it has known how to conquer the hearts of many people.

In thetime of Aristotle and later in the 1st century B.C. they were considered great hunters of rats and rabbits and consequently very useful pets. But then there were the farmers who hated them for destroying chicken coops, it had even been believed that the ferret fed on blood.

Ferrets were cunning hunters who took advantage of the places where man lived to look forThe food in question was the mice that took refuge and ate in the barns and thanks to this they controlled the pests of these rodents.

The scientific name of the ferret is "Mustela putorius furo" and it belongs to the family of the mustelidae.

It descends from the wild ferrets which ate mainly rodents, birds whichnesting on the ground, reptiles and amphibians.

The Spanish name "ferret" comes from the Latin "furo."

It was not until the 1980s that the ferret began to be successful as a pet and more and more people want to experience the experience of having a ferret for a pet.

Young ferrets are very tame and have a good rapport with their owner.

They are very clean, in thecage they do their needs in the same place, they even know how to use a bucket with sand like cats.

They are smart, funny and very agile, their body allows them to make impossible postures for us since their spine has a lot of flexibility.

The ferret is a carnivorous animal.Their nutrition should be based on proteins mainly from chicken or other poultry.

In petclic.esyou can find a wide range of high quality ferret specific feed.

The best choice recommended for feeding ferrets in captivity is one that guarantees the nutrients and the most balanced formulation. Currently there are manufacturers of special feed for ferrets, so that we no longer have to resort to formulas designed for ferrets.A good feed is the right choice.

It is advisable not to feed the ferret with prepared cat food formulas, as we will be clearly unbalancing the diet of this species.

One of the most common drawbacks expressed by people who live with ferrets is their body odor, since it can be annoying to our sense of smell.

TheSterilization reduces this aspect but does not eliminate it.Monthly grooming habits attenuate the odor problem.There are special products on the market for ferrets designed for their bathing.These products range from shampoo to deodorizers and scented products that attenuate their body odor.

The ferret is not the most recommended pet for families with small children, since theIn the case of the ferret, the reaction if we hurt him when we catch him or if the smallest of the house is uncomfortable, it can turn into a scratch or bite.

Supervise and be attentive at the time of the game between the child and the ferret, teach him to catch him and play with him, is the best way to avoid anyunpleasant outcome for both.

Although the ferret is a pet animal that has become fashionable relatively recently, you should inform yourself well of all their needs and care required to ensure their welfare.

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