Spitz, reasons to choose this breed

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Efreya Waitecker

The Spitz is a small-sized dog, ideal for houses with little space or also for city flats. It is a breed that adapts to any place, so it can be good for farms or fields.

The character of the Spitz is related to tranquility, joy and the ability to be trained. This means that it will be necessary to take advantage of these virtues to educate it.He learns very quickly and best of all: he will never forget a command, especially if it comes from his master, to whom he is quite attached and dependent.

The Spitz then, has an excellent behavior and conduct. He is quite energetic, shows his affection constantly with the members of the household. With strangers he will be reserved and distant. He has no interest in hunting,It is also very resistant to being outdoors, robust and long-lived, and can live up to 15 years.

The coexistence with other dogs is wonderful, they can also live with cats if you get used to them from an early age. They are usually very good companions of children, because they love to play for hours withoutThe Spitz needs minimal care because it is a small breed. It is important to take into account that its coat needs brushing and periodic haircuts, as it is quite thick.

During the summer they can suffer a little from the heat, so it is advisable to cut their hair more. In winter they will be very comfortable. Another of the recommendations to take into account when adopting a Spitz is that they need to be brushed regularly.a Spitz is that he should not put on too much weight, which is common in city dogs that are not walked daily. Besides being detrimental to his health, he will look like a "hairball".

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