Spanish Mastiff, get information before you buy it.

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Efreya Waitecker

The Spanish Mastiff is a dog originally from Spain. It is distinguished by having a character rustic, affectionate, gentle, noble and very firm to vermin and strangers and sure of himself.

It will hardly reach more than 15 years of life. Its life expectancy ranges between 8 and 14 years. This oscillation will depend largely on the type of life that takes the dog, a goodfeeding and good care will help prolong your dog's life.

If you are thinking about buying or adopting a dog of this breed, keep in mind that your decision has a very important influence on your life and will determine a change for you and your family for years to come.If you are not sure you want to devote some of your time, effort and budget to a dog, do notThe Spanish Mastiff is not just any dog, the size of these dogs is really big, consider the spaces in which it will live and if the type of life you lead is compatible with it.

A large dog does not have the same space requirements as a small dog, so we must take into account some aspects related to its size.

HumansWe usually sleep in beds suitable to our needs, babies when they are born sleep in cots, the elderly, in beds that can be raised. With dogs the same thing happens, large breed dogs need beds suited to their needs, they are larger than usual, and are usually a little thicker.

A carrier is used to carry the dog when traveling or insome visits, also to travel in certain transports. write one down in your budget for the next few years. if it is of quality it will last you a lifetime.

The Spanish Mastiff like all breeds of dogs, should be bathed at least once a month. for that we will need a bathtub of large dimensions, if we do not have a bathtub, we also have the option to bathe him in the yard or terrace.with a hose, and if we had none of these two options, we have the possibility of going to a specialized center to bathe him.

There are several types of doghouses. If you are considering buying one, keep in mind the measures of your dog, it is important that it can fit well, even stretched. If you buy your dog when he is a puppy, check the approximate measures thatwill grow up, think that large breed puppies grow very fast.As for the material of the kennel, the most common is wood or hard plastic, think where you are going to place it, if it is going to get wet or not, if it will be very windy or not, and choose a suitable type of material.

The Spanish Mastiff will need enough space if you tell them to travel by car with him.Think that you can nottravelling on your legs or freely in the back seat.

Besides being dangerous, it is not allowed.

Bear in mind that he must either have enough space in the back seats, use a seat belt or travel in the back, sharing space with your luggage.

You must provide enough space for him.

If you have a very small car, keep this in mind.

If you ever need to travelby plane, you must take into account that your dog must travel in the hold, can not go next to you. Find out from the airline with which you are traveling, not all carriers, however large they are, are approved, consult the IATA the characteristics of these carriers.

Because of its weight you can not sometimes carry with the dog inside the carrier, so you must keep in mind that you can not travel with your dog in the hold.The Spanish Mastiff

One of the main aspects that you must take into account when you have a dog is public spaces, especially with a dog of this size. You will need to keep him on a leash and a collar. It is very important that from the time he is a puppy you get him used to being on a leash, so you will need a collar and a open places and with other dogs, so you will surely get a balanced dog.

The Spanish Mastiff is a dog that needs to spend his energy. If you do not have a yard or a space where you can spend it, think that you must walk it every day. And with this there is only one rule, the more, the better.

For dogs exercise is their source of vitality and even more for dogs of breed.Try to do activities with him, go hiking, running, cycling, any physical activity will be good for him. If you do them together the rapport between the two of you will be great.

A dog the size of this breed eats more than a hamster, it's obvious.

A dog the size of this breed eats more than a hamster, it's obvious.Add to your monthly budget his share.Never opt for the option of lowering the quality.Opt forbuy their products at a better price and choose to adjust your budget on everything except the quality of the food.

Choose a very good quality feed, it doesn't have to be expensive.Ask us for advice on the best dog food if you need it.This food will directly influence his life and over the next few years the effects of inadequate food can beThere are several brands that distinguish between the type of kibble depending on whether the dog is large or small. The feed for large breed dogs have larger kibbles than usual, this forces the dog to chew the feed instead of gobbling it, thus improving its performance.Note that large breed dogs reach the adult stage at a little over a year old, while small or medium-sized dogs can be considered adults at only 9 months.

The quality of the food determines the nutritional balance your dog needs. Never think that it is the same to feed it with any food. Do not lower the quality of the food, either in theA quality dog food will bring him wellness, health and a proper aging.

It is very important to follow the guidelines of the recommended daily amounts for our dog to have a balanced diet. Read well the backs of the bags, in them you will find all the information about the amount of food that your dog needs to eat. According to their weight orsize should eat one amount or another.

It is on everyone's lips that one of the most common problems in large breed dogs are those derived from their joints and bones during the stage of old age.There are feeds with special formulations to prevent these problems, so giving him a feed of this type of can avoid having to give him expensive chondroprotectors during the.The Spanish Mastiff will go outside with you.

During the months of March to October there is the greatest risk of contracting parasites. Either from the natural environment or from other dogs. Parasites are not a problem if we opt for prevention. In the case of being infected with fleas or ticks deworming on your part is simple, there are numerous products and ways to attack.

Apart from a brushing from time to time to remove the dead hair of your dog, it is also necessary to bathe and wash it from time to time with a shampoo. To do this, you must take into account that the Ph of the dog is not the same as that of humans, so you should buy a special shampoo for dogs.

We all like to give cookies to dogs. To them much more.Petclic's nutrition expert, he doesn't like it so much.

Have restraint in this matter.Use dog snacks wisely and always to your advantage.They can be a good ally to correct behaviors or reward positive actions of the dog.Read our advice about it in the Petclic content library.

A quality dog food has all the ingredients and all theIt may be fun to give your dog some of your food or leftovers, but this will only cause nutritional imbalances. Our recommendation is food, and only food. In addition, you will prevent your dog from begging for food all day.

If you want to expand your family with a dog, you must take into account the younger members of the household. It is very important that theIt is therefore very important that you teach your dog from the very first moment that he must respect all the members of the family and those who live with you to relate to the Spanish Mastiff

Playing with your dog is a very important part, especially during the puppyhood, he will be happy that you play with him and this will create more fidelity.Just keep in mind that large breed dogs tend to have a lot of strength, try to keep the situation under control and avoid being able to hurt him and that he does it to you, think that he has nails, teeth and an important weight, watch that he does not fall on you.

Strive to have a sociable and properly educated dog. If you do it right you can enjoy much more in allyour outings, you can take him to public places, he can accompany you during your shopping, accompany you to a restaurant where he is allowed to enter or you can go with him to places where there are dogs, children, noise or a lot of activity without it being an uncomfortable time for anyone.

The Spanish Mastiff can be a great companion for you, this is clear. But surely you want him to be good with others too,Get him used to seeing people, to receiving visitors, educate him so that he doesn't get too excited and jump on every person who comes to see you. Let other dogs smell him, let children touch him so that he gets used to it as soon as possible.

Petclic recommends responsible adoption as a way to acquire a dog. In our directory of organizations you will find one near your home. A dogadoption is not a disadvantage and if you are thinking about this breed exclusively, it is very possible that you can find it in some entity.

If you have the certainty and conviction that you want to share your life with a dog and you can devote the time it requires, do not hesitate, adopt, but you must be sure that the next few years you can take care of it.There are many protective andentities that take in thousands of dogs due to the abandonment of these by certain people who did not understand what a dog is. Think twice and inform yourself well, our tips can help you.

Read our tips on behavior and behavior of dogs. A couple or three hours of reading in our library of tips will give you many guidelines to enjoy much more of a dog.a dog like the Spanish Mastiff


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