SharPei, their relationship with children and in the family

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Efreya Waitecker

The SharPei is a breed of dog that has traditionally been used as a defense and fighting dog, but nowadays, its use as a pet has been extended. Thanks to its origins we can affirm that the SharPei is an excellent guard dog for the home and the family that welcomes it.

-Relationship with the family

The SharPei is a dog with a cat-like character, that is to say, it is.It is very affectionate and faithful to the family with which it lives, especially with its owner, who will be the only one to accept orders. It is somewhat stubborn and dominant, so it is necessary to train it from an early age to obey without objections.

The relationship that the SharPei shows with strangers and other animals is clearly distrustful,quality that make it an excellent guardian.

Despite its size, the SharPei is a very quiet dog that will adapt perfectly to live in an apartment, although it is necessary to know, that small is more active and biter, so we will have to provide biting toys to be entertained.

Also, the SharPei will need a comfortable place to sleep.and other special care, especially when it is small and has those folds in the skin so characteristic of his race.

As for your maintenance, you have to watch the amount of food you eat per day, as it tends to overweight, so you also need a regular physical activity.

-Relationship with children

The SharPei will be very loving and patient withchildren, enjoying playtime with them, in case he has been socialized from a young age.

However, children must be taught to respect him, as the SharPei will not put up with mischief, even biting if his whiskers are pulled, his ears are poked, or he is mistreated.

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