Seraquin Omega, the best option for your dog's or cat's joints

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Efreya Waitecker

Do you know why Seraquin Omega is one of the articles for dogs and cats ? Because it is one of the most effective chondroprotectors for these animals. Remember that their joints are under constant stress, so it is always advisable to reinforce their diet with a specific supplement.

For all the above, we tell you the characteristics of Seraquin Omega .essential of an ideal alternative for dogs and cats to gain in adaptability, energy and strength. Remember that the inexorable passage of time causes the animals to lose quality of life and opt for a sedentary lifestyle, which ends up causing them to get fat and sick.

Therefore, if you want to avoid this situation you only have to choose one of these alternatives.complete alternative, healthy and always recommended, to make the nervous system of the animal concerned is much more resistant and have enough energy to adapt to all the challenges that arise.

To get out of doubt, we inform you of the characteristics of an incredible supplement that will soon offer you very effective results.Start toprotect the health of who accompanies you every day thanks to what we tell you.

An effective protection for the joints of the dog

It is ideal to prevent the onset of injuries that accelerate physical degeneration such as:

  • The age .
  • The traumatisms .
  • The overweight .
  • The tendency of some breeds to develop problems.

If the supplement works, it is thanks to a concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and the inclusion of other elements essential for joint health.

Likewise, the incidence of infections and degenerative diseases eventually leads to slower movement and a worsening of the animal's quality of life.

Chondroprotector for dogs

Keep in mind that to get the dog's joints to stay in perfect condition, and for this you must:

  • Control your weight betting on a healthy diet. Use quality feed and prevents it from continuously eating undesirable foods.
  • Go for a walk to make it easier for him to maintain his agility.The more walks and physical activity, the better.
  • Massage paws and ears to detect any malformations or sensitive areas in the joints. If you find any type of irregularity or inflammation, this product will help you to combat it.

As a complement , nothing better than betting on an effective supplement that helps to make your day to day life easier. Bywhat are you going to give up using chondroprotectors for dogs that contain everything you need and that are easily added to their diet?

Up to 97% of dogs accept it without problems. Its anti-inflammatory power is essential to notice a rapid improvement.

Seraquin Omega, improve the quality of life of your dog

What for many is the best chondroprotector

.for dogs achieves its effects thanks to ingredients such as:

  • glucosamine HCL (500 milligrams per capsule).
  • condroitin sulfate sodium (190 milligrams).
  • hydrolyzed chicken protein (20.5%).
  • fish oil powder (100 milligrams, provides omega 3).

In addition, its pork liver flavor and curcumin contribute toWhat the product achieves is to increase joint strength , improve cartilage density and reduce the likelihood of an injury becoming disabling.

Reviews of the supplement could not be more positive. All those who have tried it agree on the indoubtable effectiveness of its effects . Likewise, they are

In short, the dog that uses it ends up overcoming the ailments of age to become much more active. The indicated dosage is as follows:

  • The initial treatment should last a maximum of six weeks. If the dog weighs less than 10 kilograms, it will be given one tablet every 24 hours.If you weigh up to 20, you should take two. Up to 40, three. And if you weigh more, four.
  • The maintenance treatment involves a progressive reduction of the dose (half a tablet per week). Half of the corresponding amount should be your reference point to extend the treatment.
  • The tablet can be supplied directly , wrapped

You are reminded that the product is responsible for supplying those nutrients that your dog does not generate by itself. Consider the supplement as another option to improve your pet's diet and, above all, to strengthen its anatomy with ease.

Thus, Boehringer has achieved with Seraquin Omega a perfect and irreplaceable product.To find it on our website just type the name in the search engine. At Wikipets we always offer you the best alternative and variety for your dog or cat to regain their health. Come and discover this option and others available!

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