Protect your dog's or cat's stomach with VetGastril

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Efreya Waitecker

Every animal lover always wants to take care of the health of his dog or cat. From this point of view, he is usually aware of the products that the market offers him to face the possible problems he may have. This being so, if you yourself consider yourself capable of safeguarding the welfare of your dog or cat (or at least you want to do it) with total safety, you will like toWe start from the idea that one of the most complex parts of the animal body is the digestive system . Normally, it is in the organs that compose it where the greatest number of health problems are concentrated, affecting to a greater or lesser extent the functioning of its metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the digestive system.

For this reason, throughout this article we are going to talk about gastric protectors in general and Vet Gastril in particular.

When to use VetGastril for dogs?

The only way to face, correctly, the process of comprehension is to use VetGastril

.of the functioning of VetGastril dogs is starting from its definition. Thus, it is a veterinary product whose composition is based on sucrose sulphate and aluminium hydroxide gel. As such, it is a food supplement, whose essential mission is to constitute a protective barrier of the gastric mucosa.

That is to say, starting from the idea that theIf this production is insufficient, Vet Gastril comes into play, adhering to the membranes of the mucosal cells in the less protected areas, favouring the repair and reconstitution of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which dissolves the food, and the organ itself has to protect itself from the action of these acids through the viscous gel that it itself produces.protective barrier of the stomach and preventing contact with acidic juices.

Having said this, in what situations is the use of this product recommended? Well, essentially, in two cases:

  • Suppositions in which the gastric mucosa is damaged : Those animals that have problems with the generation of the protective mucosa of the stomach always require the use of this product.
  • Suppositions in which there are stomach or general digestive problems : Since VetGastril works throughout the entire digestive system, it is able to protect the animal from possible generic stomach discomfort or upset.

What are the main causes of intestinal problems in dogs that you can prevent?with VetGastril?

Now that you have enough information regarding the uses of VetGastril 50ml in dogs, it is time to look more specifically at the medical aspect of the matter. Only in this way can you understand in depth what the specific usefulness of this veterinary compound is and how animals can benefit profoundly from its use.

From this point of view, it is possible to answer the question that we have presented in the title, saying that the main causes of intestinal problems that Vet Gastril is able to solve are the following:

  • Intake of food not recommended or directly prohibited for dogs: One of the most common causes of problems in the digestive system of dogs is the ingestion of food that is not recommended or directly prohibited for dogs:
  • Intake of food that is not recommended or directly prohibited for dogs: One of the most common causes of problems in the digestive system of dogsThe most common example is the fact of having eaten some kind of food that, although valid for humans, is very harmful for dogs. Chocolate, onions or spicy foods in general are a clear example.
  • Spontaneous and radical changes in their usual diet : Dogs are animals of habit, and this includes food. If this is modified, deeply, in a spontaneous way, the dog will not be able to eat it, and it will not be able to eat it.body can suffer a decompensation that leads to intestinal problems.
  • Eating foreign or toxic bodies : This cause is closely related to the first that we have told you, but in this case it is not human food, but objects, chemicals or any other inedible element.
  • Having an infection caused by fungi, viruses,parasites or bacteria : This is probably the most common and persistent cause of gastrointestinal problems in animals. Any pathology that affects the stomach causes this type of discomfort.

In conclusion, if, as we said in the introduction, you consider yourself an animal lover and want to ensure the maximum welfare of your dog or cat, you should be attentive toSo, if you suspect that you are facing one of the cases of use that we have been discussing throughout the article, you should not hesitate to purchase VetGastril . If you want to ensure the best health for your dog or cat, do not hesitate, visit our store and access to the best options in the market in this area!


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