Prevention of behavioural problems in cats

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Efreya Waitecker

The arrival of a cat at home, whether young or adult can involve several risks, in this section we will try to discuss the most common risks, either by accidents at home or to prevent behavioral problems in the future.

One of the main visits to the veterinarian specialist in behavior (ethologist), is usually urination and defecation in inappropriate places.But we must keep in mind that, before thinking about a behavioral alteration we must rule out, in turn, organic problems, since the most recent studies on this problem, throw to light, very significant data, 90% of this alteration of behavior is due to an organic problem, such as cystitis and urethral problems, among others.

Once discarded those.The bad location of the elimination tray or stress are usually the most frequent causes, but in any case a visit to a specialist in feline behaviour is the best solution. The study of the daily life of our animal and the advice of the ethologist can help us to solve this problem, which is so important for us.annoying for the owners.

Inappropriate games (see "what games to play with my cat"), can cause small bites and scratches that can lead to aggression, if not treated in time.

The factors that can enhance this system of play, nothing favorable ranging from, play with hands or feet, the under-stimulation of play behavior or overstimulation.

A bad socialization during the sensitive periods and development of our cat, can cause that in adult stages, manifest alterations, such as fear, stress or aggression, to unknown stimuli, whether people, animals of the same species or not and even new situations that originate in their daily lives, such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner and the sound of a vacuum cleaner.plastic bags.

Scratching the sofa, climbing the curtains, digging in the pots, etc., may be indicators of lack of welfare at home or indicators of stress, all these problems should be advised and treated by specialists in the sector, sometimes a good distribution of the cat's belongings, can greatly influence the resolution of the problem.

Leavingwithin reach of a cat, sewing boxes with needles and threads, small wires hanging from a wall or a table, are domestic accidents that are easily repeated.

In general we must think that, the presence of a young and curious animal, as is the cat, is risky when it comes to stay alone with which we must assess very well the risks that we leave within reach of our friend.feline.

Plants such as; Christmas plant, mistletoe, ficus, cannabis and an endless number of other plants, can be toxic to our cat, after ingestion, we must monitor the presence of these in our home and if our cat tries to ingest them or not.

Urgent veterinary care is, in many of these cases the only solution.

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