Pit Bull, reasons to choose this breed

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Efreya Waitecker

Many opinions surround the Pit Bull, most of them are usually not true.

This breed, originally from Great Britain in the 19th century and dangerous-looking, in reality, has a good character, especially affectionate.

For its part, the Pit Bull is of impeccable behavior and conduct if properly trained.It is necessary to clarify that many of its owners are.directly responsible for the attacks of their dogs, because they teach them that.

The Pit Bull is a guardian breed, protective, intelligent, suitable for drug detection tasks and even for hunting. More and more people decide to have one in their homes.

The coexistence of the Pit Bull with people at home is really very good, is very affectionate with children, with adults and withAt the same time, he is reserved with those he does not know and distrustful of those he considers dangerous to his masters.

It is possible to keep him both in a flat and in a house, although the latter is recommended, because he is a large breed and needs space to move around. In addition, he requires daily exercise, at least a walk.

As for carephysical, the Pit Bull has very short hair, which is not necessary to brush. If you will have to be careful with the excess saliva that falls from his mouth. This has inherited from their ancestors, the Bulldog.

For the rest, the Pit Bull is quite quiet, playful as a puppy and active in adulthood, noble, sensitive, wants all the time to please their owners, is very tolerant with small and the

At the time of training, know that the Pit Bull needs time to assimilate the orders. Do not get angry with them, just be patient and encourage them to continue learning.

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