Pit Bull, Play, leisure and favourite activities

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Efreya Waitecker

The Pit Bull is a breed of dog that is agile, athletic, strong, resistant and with a large, well-defined musculature, so it is necessary to go for walks and share play sessions regularly with them.

Preferred activities of the Pit Bull

- Physical Activities and Canine Sports

The Pit Bull is a dog that needs a lot of physical activity. It is advisable to.Take him on long walks and hikes in the countryside or the mountains so that he can run, jump and track new terrain unknown to him.

As regards dog sports, the Pit Bull is ideal for canicross (running with the dog attached by a harness), flyball (a test ofbarriers that if it overcomes them and presses a pedal, a ball is thrown to him so that he goes to look for it), the bikejoring (to go out to ride in bicycle united by means of a harness), the discdogging (throwing of frisbee), the carting (running pulling a cart with weight), the obedience rally (where the dog must execute orders and basic exercises of training) or the rally of obedience (where the dog must execute orders and basic exercises of training) or the discdogging (throwing of frisbee). agility (obstacle course that he must overcome only with the help of his owner's directions).

- Entertainment Activities

The Pit Bull despite his reputation, is a very playful and affectionate dog with his owners. It is important that both share play sessions to strengthen that bond.

He will love being thrown balls, toys or other bouncing objects and.In this sense, we can also hide their toys to locate them, thus developing their sense of smell and tracking.

And finally say that the Pit Bull is a dog is advisable for people who like sport and have a good physical condition.

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