My dog is afraid of firecrackers

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Efreya Waitecker

Many dogs suffer from an irrational fear of all loud noises but, without a doubt, one of the auditory stimuli that takes the cake when it comes to scaring these animals are firecrackers.

The reactions to the fear of firecrackers in dogs can essentially be to hide or to run away. In the second case, the consequences for their safety can be,In some cases, a dog's fear of firecrackers may be genetic , as some breeds are particularly sensitive to loud noises. In other cases, poor socialization or a previous traumatic experience can cause a dog's fear of firecrackers to become more pronounced.The influence of its owner at a certain moment cannot be ruled out either. That is to say, it is normal for a dog to be frightened when it hears a firecracker, but if the person next to it reacts normally, this sensation will be much more nuanced.

What can you do about a dog's fear of firecrackers?

If your pet reacts badly when it hears a firecracker, it is important toYou should react in the same way as you do to your dog's other fears that may affect him, i.e. normally and by petting him when he has calmed down, not before. In this way, you will show him that this is the right attitude.

Nor is it good for you to force him to leave his hiding place when he hears the sound of firecrackers, as he will perceive that you are leaving him defenceless in front of the firecrackers, as this will make him feel that you are leaving him defenseless.

The problem can come if this fear of firecrackers of the dog becomes acute and becomes a real phobia. That is, one of the irrational fears of the animal, to which only reacts disproportionately. In this case, it is necessary that you go to a veterinarian, who paute an appropriate treatment, either through medication or a process.of desensitization.

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