Meet the antiparasitic sprays for dogs

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Efreya Waitecker

The antiparasitic sprays are sprayed all over the body of the animal, against the hair and leaving all the hair wet.

How to use the antiparasitic sprays for dogs? It should be sprayed from the tail to the head without forgetting belly, legs and tail. To apply it on the head, pour a little product in the palm of the hand (with protective gloves) and apply it gently over the head.face and ears, avoiding the eye region.

Don't forget to also use anti-parasitic sprays for the home, in places where pets rest or habitually inhabit. The latter should never be applied directly on pets.

One of the best sprays on the market is Frontline, an anti-parasitic for external use that helps the dog to protect itself.of external parasites and the diseases that may develop because of them.

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