Mastiffs, Play, leisure and favourite activities

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Efreya Waitecker

The Mastiff is a corpulent breed of dog with enormous strength that needs large open spaces to be able to make short, continuous runs. Although they spend a lot of time lying down watching everything that happens around them, they need plenty of exercise and although they are not overly playful they are suitable for dog sports such as canicross, carting, bikejoring orobedience rally.

The Mastiff is a very corpulent dog breed that needs large open spaces and outdoors for physical exercise.

Mastins are very noble, faithful, obedient, territorial dogs and have a great sense of possession, so it is necessary to socialize them since they are puppies to be more open and affectionate towards other dogs and.other people.

Preferred activities of Mastiffs

- Physical Activities and Canine Sports

It may give the impression that Mastiffs are dogs that do little exercise, because we always see them lying down watching everything that happens around them, however, they are field dogs and therefore, they need wide spaces and outdoors to perform short races.

Thus, it is convenient to go for several walks with him a day, and if we do not have a large place where he can romp at ease, we should take him on an excursion to the countryside or the mountains.

With regard to canine sports, Mastiffs are suitable for canicross (running with the dog attached by a harness), the carting (runningpulling a weighted cart), the bikejoring (going out to ride a bike attached by a harness), the discdogging (frisbee throwing) or the obedience rally (where the dog must execute commands and basic training exercises).

- Entertainment Activities

Mastines are not very playful, as they prefer to rest most of the time, will be appropriate for him to share several sessions of play a day, whether they are games with balls or any other object that can chase.

It should also be noted that the ideal owner for this type of dog is one that has a good physical form, since due to its enormous strength can be difficult to control at certain times.

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