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Efreya Waitecker

Royal Canin Satiety is indicated if your dog suffers from obesity , as well as other diseases related to this physical condition. It is possible that you have let him overeat or, due to different hormonal problems, he has acquired unhealthy habits, such as stopping exercising or being more inactive.

This food will not only help him maintain a healthy weight but will also help him to keep a healthy weight .The

What is Royal Canin Satiety and when you should give it to your dog

When you should give your dog this food and how long it will take to see positive results.

What is Royal Canin Satiety and when you should give it to your dog.dog

Royal Canin Satiety is more than a slimming food . It also allows you to offer a proper diet, in case you suffer from diseases such as diabetes.

There are many circumstances that will indicate the perfect time to give this type of feed, although it is necessary that you take it to a veterinarian , so that you can rule out others.

Sometimes, the specialist may need to test the animal for certain diseases , such as those that have to do with blood circulation and put the heart at risk.

For example, hyperlipidemia is a problem that occurs when an excessive accumulation of fat in the blood vessels and

blood vesselsare the result of blood vesselsand blood vessels.blood. This, in turn, is due to food abuse, which leads to obesity. It can also be caused by liver failure. By means of a blood test, the vet can determine this diagnosis and, among other things, prescribe your dog a healthy diet with Royal Canin Veterinary Diets.

Benefits of Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

There are many benefits of Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

.advantages of Royal Canin Veterinary Diets in your dog. In case he tends to eat a lot, this food provides a feeling of satiety, besides giving him all the nutrients he needs for good health.

For obese dogs, this food, which contains a lot of protein , helps to reduce up to 30% of their body mass, thus reducing other affectations.

Being composed of a lot of fiber , the feeling of satiety that it produces will make your dog start to eat less, favoring the loss of fat. It will also help in digestion, regulating its intestinal flora .

Its high content of vitamins and minerals , which will help your dog to lose weight, will also help in its digestion.will give your dog the encouragement he needs to play and exercise, which is essential to keep in shape, lose those extra pounds and balance their blood sugar levels.

You should keep in mind that obese dogs tend to accumulate stress , which leads them to want to eat more food. Royal Canin Veterinary Diets , by containing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate , helps them to reduce that anxiety and keep their joints healthy, so they can move with greater agility.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diets is indicated for dogs of all breeds . You should only avoid giving yours in case it is still developing, ie, that has less than a year. Neither should ingest it.

You should consult your vet if your dog suffers from a chronic illness and requires a high fat intake to provide energy. In this case, this food would also be contraindicated.

Signs that indicate that your dog requires Royal Canin Weight Management

Knowing how to recognise the signs that your dog needs Royal Canin Weight Management

. signs that your dog needs Royal Canin Weight Management are simple.Some of these are:

  • A great fatigue , especially after eating.
  • Low energy and apathy , noticed by not wanting to play like before or not asking to go for walks.
  • A constant thirst , which presents right after eating.
  • Decompression .
  • Constipation or diarrhea , which you can notice if when you touch his belly he pulls it out, because he feels pain.
  • Obesity is an obvious symptom.

These are usually symptoms of diabetes , circulatory problems and, sometimes, derived from a poor diet . Knowing if your dog has some kind of disease is as simple as going to the

You will see the first effects after the first week , in which a weight loss of between 1 and 3% of their body mass is calculated. Just keep in mind that the results may vary depending on the gender of the animal, as well as its size or obesity.

Royal CaninSatiety is a perfect treatment for dogs suffering from obesity and certain diseases that cause weight gain. If yours is diagnosed with diabetes , the vet can recommend this feed, rich in fiber and nutrients.


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