Learn all about Advantix pipettes 10 25 kg

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Efreya Waitecker

Advantix pipettes 10 to 25 kg are designed for dogs to protect them from various parasites and the diseases they transmit, some of which can be fatal to the animal.

You should also bear in mind that many of these disorders can be transmitted to humans . For this reason, there is no better solution than the


pipette.prevention, such as that offered by Advantix pipettes. Knowing how to apply them to your dog is not complicated. Below, we explain the main features of this product and how long its effects last. But, first, you have to check if your dog may be allergic to this treatment and what to do in your case.

How to use Advantix pipettes dogs 10 to 25 kg?

Althoughis a fairly simple procedure, we recommend that, before applying Advantix pipettes for dogs 10 to 25 kg , you consult this matter with your veterinarian. You should also check that your dog has the weight indicated in the treatment. In this case, that it is between 10 and 25 kilograms.

You can use it once you have observed parasites in your dog, as well as someof associated diseases, such as allergic dermatitis caused by the mosquito. It can also be used as a preventive measure.

As simple as opening the pipette after putting the cap upside down. Put it on the dog's back and gently squeeze to release the contents. The liquid will spread over four areas of his back to promote its healing.

With the help of a specialized comb , you will spread the product from the tail to the shoulders. You will protect your dog from any parasite and, consequently, also your family.

How long does the effect of Advantix pipettes for dogs last?

The Advantix pipettes for dogs are long-lasting. Once you apply them, their effectsremain for four weeks to provide all the necessary protection for your dog against mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

In the case of flebotomes , its effectiveness can be extended up to three weeks. During this period, you have the guarantee that any of these parasites that come near the animal will not be able to bite it, since Advantix works not only as a repellent,

It also works as a powerful insecticide.

On contact alone, it eliminates fleas and ticks . Without a doubt, its results are spectacular. This will keep your dog calm and you will not have to worry about every time you take him for a walk or when he joins other animals.

How to check if Advantix dog pipettes produce allergies?

The Advantix pipettes for dogs from 10 to 25 kg can cause allergies. Noticing this is simple. Just observe your dog and see if he shows any of these symptoms:

  • He is more nervous than usual or too restless.
  • He scratches frequently , especially in the area where the pipette was administered.
  • His skin appears reddened , in addition to
  • Shows alopecia where the above symptoms have occurred. Note that this hair loss may be due to pruritus , which, in turn, has been caused by repeated scratching of the affected area.
  • His epidermis appears erosioned in this area of his body.
  • Shows blisters and small blisters .

Advantix dog treats , although they can produce some allergic reaction to your dog (like any other product of this type), they are still the most effective method to kill these parasites, responsible for many canine diseases.

This allergy is usually due to one of its components. ByFor example, permethrin , the star ingredient to combat mosquitoes and sandflies. Don't forget that these parasites cause diseases that can sometimes affect humans.

If you find that your dog does not improve 3 days after applying the pipette, it is best to contact your vet. In any case, one method is toto make the product lose effect on the animal is the bathing .

Remember that you can always prevent the parasitic effects by administering the appropriate vaccines for their age or acquiring other products designed for this purpose. Thus, there are special collars, made with the components of the pipettes, which are not so corrosive to dogs that showhypersensitivity.

Advantix pipettes 10 to 25 kg are a perfect solution to keep your dog and your whole family protected. They not only protect your dog from parasites, but also from the diseases they can transmit. They are easy to apply, but you should check if they produce any allergic reaction in your dog's epidermis. In our shop online .you will find this excellent product, be sure to check it out!

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