Learn about special diets for dogs

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Efreya Waitecker

If your dog is sick, there is a wide variety of clinically proven therapeutic foods that can help manage their health problem or genetic deficiencies.

Special diets for dogs are made up of dry and canned foods that help manage various pathologies, such as urinary, dermatological, renal, mobility problems,gastrointestinal diseases, obesity...

Most chronic and acute pathologies of dogs and cats are currently being treated with prescription diets. In order to get small animal veterinarians worldwide to use these diets and trust them, it has taken a long road of work and research, compliance with national and international regulations, as well as a lot of research and development.The whole technology in cooking these foods is based on that of any manufactured food industry: quality of the ingredients, exhaustive study of the quantities and the indicated mixture, all this within a high technology in terms of hygiene and preparation of the product. At present we are working onmainly from the introduction in the diets of several elements, such as antioxidants, basic elements to help all cellular degenerative problems; vitamins, mainly Vitamin B and Vitamin C; Selenium, of which a multitude of applications are known in all fields of medicine and of which pages and pages could be written; and the Beta-?carotenes, which act by reinforcing the action of Vitamin E and help antioxidants to act. These diets are based on a series of common components to which are added those nutrients that are necessary to address the specific problem. It is nothing more and nothing less than to study deficiencies and excesses, provide them and develop them within the set that will be needed by the patient.animal to be nourished, treated and reach, through food, a maximum quality of life. What has been achieved with this process? With this type of food, pets have achieved in the last thirty years to improve their existence, avoid gastrointestinal problems, renal, dermatological and even improve diseases such as cancer, thearthrosis, heart conditions and even degenerative brain diseases. With all this, the coexistence and relationship with the owners is much better and less conflictive, since the disease creates relationship problems, anguish and stress for the owner. The baggage of experience says that in the last 30 years the life of our pets has been prolonged practically between 20 to30 percent, depending on breed and habitat. We are what we eat, and the ratio of need to quality food intake translates into health and longevity. Special diets should always be provided under veterinary prescription and never by choice and/or advice from friends and family. Remember that what works for other dogs is not necessarily the same as what works for you.right for yours.

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