Know the properties of Hill's Digestive Care for your dog

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Efreya Waitecker

Hill's Digestive Care is a veterinary prescription dog food that you can use if your dog suffers from digestive problems. It can also be recommended if your dog has undergone surgery. You should know all its benefits that, in just 3 days, will be noticeable in the animal.

Given its properties, this product is perfect to treat

digestive problems in the case of a dog that has undergone surgery.Your dog will digest better and you will even see it with more vitality after feeding with Id Hills can . It is also perfect for daily feeding in case of chronic digestive problems.

If you want to know more about the properties of this product for your dog, below we show you in more detail.

Why give your dog Hill's Digestive Care

Hill's Digestive Care is ideal when your dog suffers from intestinal problems. If he is an adult and large breed, this food is suitable for him, as it is a wet food for dogs with digestive problems .

By giving him Hill's PD I/d Digestive , you are promoting intestinal balance, since Hill's PD I/d Digestive helps to maintain a healthy intestinal balance.controls the bacteria that are natural to the body and help to keep it healthy.

It is possible that a dog in adulthood , especially when it has reached 10 years of age, may have more problems with digestion. If the animal has just undergone an operation, it will also need a suitable food that allows it to recover quickly and at the same time, it will provide it withthe essential nutrients , especially if you have experienced weight loss.

The Id Hills can meets all the requirements to be the right food to keep your dog in good health . The specialists working for the brand have clinically proven its positive, almost immediate effects on the animal. So, you will be surprised to see an improvement in it.after ingesting it for three days in a row.

The benefits of wet dog food

wet dog food provides optimal digestion for these animals, as well as helping them to renew their intestinal flora.You may notice an improvement in their stools after taking this food, which is an indicator of a dog's health.

Although there is no problem for you to.can be taken at any time of his life, your vet will usually recommend it during adulthood , especially in the event of possible illnesses affecting his gastrointestinal health.

Here are some of the benefits you should consider when feeding Hill's PD I/d Digestive :

  • By facilitating the absorption of nutrients, it helps him to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • It helps to keep you balanced thanks to its high electrolyte content .
  • It is a perfect vitamin supplement , as it contains B complex.
  • As a food rich in antioxidants, it helps to prevent diseases, strengthen your immune system and make you stronger.
  • After each
  • meal, you will be able to prevent illnesses and
  • .food, you will see your dog more energetic and healthy . One of the aspects involved in this aspect is its pleasant taste, which manages to satisfy the tastes of any dog.
  • After checking all the benefits that this product brings to your dog, you will feel calmer , because you will know that it has a healthy diet.

Know the properties ofthe Id Hills can

Obviously, the benefits described above have to do with the properties that you find in each Id Hills can . It is composed of a high content of potassium and vitamin B , and both elements are perfect for balancing, in the dog, the necessary nutrients after suffering a gastroenteritis.

The food is low in fat and le. allows faster digestion . On the other hand, remember to offer it in small doses during the first few days of feeding, but you can increase the amount as the days go by until the necessary balance is achieved.

Hill's PD I/d Digestive is rich in fibre . This has been added to improve intestinal transit and the production of fatty acids in the intestine, which are essential for the digestion of your dog's digestive system.volatile characteristics.

Being a humid product, it favors its absorption in the organism. It also contains dry properties, necessary for a correct nutrition. We highlight its high content in proteins, carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. The sodium , calcium and magnesium , in addition to the rest of vitamins it contains ( A, D, E and C ), favor the absorption of vitamins.

Before feeding this food to your dog, ask your veterinarian . It is important to keep your dog healthy so that he is happy and feeling good.

Hill's Digestive Care is intended for dogs who suffer from intestinal diseases or who have feeding problems. It is best to take your dog for regular checkups so that aFor everything you need, go to our shop online and discover all the products we have for the animals you love the most.


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