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Efreya Waitecker

Thanks to Ownat dog food you can improve the health of your faithful friend with minimal effort. Have you changed your dog's food several times and still notice that your dog is not the same as before? Are you lost when buying food for your pet and do not know what to choose? Do you consider important their food?

Your answers will depend on your bet on the offer of Ownat . AYou like to eat well and that the ingredients of your favorite recipes are fresh. Do not you think that your faithful friend can like the same as you? Why are you going to limit yourself to buy the cheapest product full of preservatives and dyes?

Too many questions, right? Do not despair, to get out of doubt we explain everything that Ownat has achieved with its think .for dogs . We invite you to read the characteristics of its offer, its advantages and the opinions of those who fully trust in a product as essential as this one.

Fill your dog's bowl with a tasty, easy to digest and, above all, nutritious alternative for him to have the best possible health. You will surely appreciate the difference from the first moment. Find out here why

Ownat feed, discover its characteristics

Most feed includes whole pieces, flavor enhancers, artificial flavors and dyes . This combination ends up causing damage to the digestive system and the immune system.

The recurrent consumption of toxins also affects the liver health of the dog, leading you to end up going to theThere are also two essential aspects that make this feed a must:

  • Slow-cooking . Ownat considers it essential to select the best ingredients and prepare them slowly at a low temperature. The aim is to preserve the nutrients, flavour and digestibility as much as possible. After preparation, the
  • Transparency . All the ingredients used are specified in detail so that you have no doubt or uncertainty about them.

Do not hesitate to review, in a later section, the range of feeds available.

If you are going to rely on Ownat grain free food , remember to take into account the following information in order to feed your dog in a healthy way:

  • Small breed dogs . Weighing a maximum of 3 kilograms, you should give them between 50 and 90 grams of food a day.
  • Small dogs . Weighing up to 10kilograms, the maximum intake per day is 190 grams.
  • Medium-sized dogs . If they weigh between 10 and 20 kilograms, they could eat up to 310 grams of feed per day.
  • Large dogs . Weighing up to 40 kilograms, it is healthy for them to consume up to 590 grams of feed per day.
  • Giant breed dogs . Those weighing more than 50 kilograms will need up to 800grams of feed every day.

Ownat grain free , available ranges

The Ownat grain free feed is so healthy and suitable thanks to a number of factors that we have compiled for you below:

  • Only natural ingredients are used in its production. The company is located in a natural environment and this gives youIn addition, it is committed to local suppliers, thus preserving the desired freshness and quality.
  • The use of fresh meat and fish . It allows the protein level to rise and the animal's musculature to improve progressively, also facilitating the correct growth of its organism. Likewise, they are croquettes moreThe brand uses poultry as the leanest and healthiest meat. Other options, such as fresh lamb or pork, provide iron and minerals essential for the proper growth of your dog. Fish provides fatty acids that improve the functioning of your dog's cardiovascular system. This translates into increased strength and endurance.
  • Withoutcolourings, preservatives . Ownat has chosen to use natural plant-based preservatives and vegetable oils. There are also no additives or flavour enhancers. Ownat has chosen to eliminate them completely as they do not provide anything for the dog that is going to eat the food.

The company strives to provide you with different alternatives so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Grain free . It does not contain cereals and is especially recommended for dogs with digestive disorders.
  • Wetline . This line of wet food provides nutrients. It is made with fresh meat and vegetables to improve its flavour. It does not contain preservatives, colourings or chemical compounds.

Pienso Ownat for dogs reviews

In this case, the unanimity is total. Anyone who has given his dog this feed confirms that it is an excellent product. It is well received by the animal and very quickly you can see how they improve their strength, endurance and adaptability to all kinds of activities.

Do not hesitate, enter our website and reviewour offer of Ownat dog food . your faithful friend will thank you for it!


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