Husky, character, conduct and behaviour

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Efreya Waitecker

The Husky breed is closely related to snow and sledding. It originated in Siberia, in Russia, being used as working dogs. It has a great similarity to wolves. Its size is medium and weighs about 30 kg. It can reach 60 cm in height.

It is said that the Husky was originally bred by the Chukchi tribe, being used as company, to pull the sleds ofsnow, herding deer and keeping children warm.

The Husky is a dog accustomed to living in snow and cold climates, it can modify its thick, dense coat according to its place of residence.Its colors are reddish, brown, blond, black, white and grey.

The Husky's character is attentive, affectionate, helpful andAlthough it is used to live in packs, this dog has a good behavior when living in a house or flat, developing a great bond with its master.

It must be taken into account that the one who is its main owner must be of strong character to be able to dominate the Husky, but at the same time loving to give him enough affection with which to win his love.respect.

The Husky's behavior makes it ideal for coexistence with children and other dogs.It can become a little stubborn, independent and proud, however, dealing with people will be wonderful.

For its part, it is a wolf-like dog, robust, and with a shrill bark and a little annoying for some people.Sometimes it can howl like its ancestors.Rarely.will bite, so it is not advised as a guardian or protection.

It is a very hardy dog, can run many miles without tiring, requires continuous brushing.Finally, the Husky should be in cold climates so it does not suffer.


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