How to care for your cat's litter box

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Efreya Waitecker

Cats are very sensitive to their environment and like to feel clean.

That's why it is important that they have an adequate space to relieve themselves.

There are several things we can do to keep their litter box clean and avoid bad smells at home.

The size of the tray is very important, as the feline must have enough space to move around.

It is recommended that theThe length of the litter box should be slightly longer than the size of your cat, and the depth should be between 3 and 5 centimetres, to prevent the litter from falling out.

Droppings should be removed daily, but the frequency with which litter should be changed depends on the type:

  • Absorbent litter. They last between 7 and 9 days if droppings are removed everyday.
  • Clumping litter. The contents of the litter box can hold for a month, if the droppings are removed daily.
  • Vegetable litter. Should be changed every two to three days.

The litter box should be cleaned and disinfected every time the litter is changed.

Since some products can be toxic to cats, it is recommended to use specific brands for this task.

  • AOnce the litter tray is clean and dry, specific products can be added to neutralize odors, although a homemade solution is to place baking soda under the sand.
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