How to avoid cat fights

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Efreya Waitecker

Do you want to introduce a new feline into your home or do you already live with two? Fighting between cats is an issue that can worry us, because in these situations the animals can get to hurt each other. You will need patience and understanding for the tricks we tell you below:

  • Why do they fight? The main reason is the sense of territory. If a cat has theIf you feel that another cat is invading your space, you may even fight with him. That is why it is necessary that each one has his space. Do not force them to share a food bowl, litter tray...
  • Try to give the same attention to both. Jealousy can be very bad!
  • If the cats are fighting, or even if they are about to fight, do not use your hands to separate them. The best thing to do is to provoke them to fight.You can also spray them with a little water.
  • Premia good behaviors towards other animals.
  • To associate our presence with good times, you can play with both cats and make them have fun.
  • If you have two males at home and you are thinking of introducing a new feline: do not make it a female.
  • A lot of fights comecaused by their presence.

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  • Even if cats have been fighting for years
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