How does spring affect your pet?

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Efreya Waitecker

Spring is a time full of colors, with which the days lengthen and the first warm sensations begin to arrive. But this period of the year also brings a couple of annoyances for our pets: the shedding of hair and parasites . In the first case, in addition to finding hairs all over the house, we have several options to alleviate the maximum fall of dead hair, to the

  • Brushing. How often we should brush our pet depends on the amount of hair it has.The normal is twice a day and you can find brushes designed to remove dead hair.For dogs with short hair, it is advisable to use mittens and bristle brushes.For dogs with longer hair you can opt for.If you find that your hair is too tangled, it is better to have a professional help.
  • Food. The lack of proteins causes a dry and fragile hair, being very important the vitamins of the B group, copper and zinc. Therefore, a quality feed is essential to have a healthy and shiny hair.
  • Bathing. The baths do notmust be frequent and the right products must be used so as not to alter the PH. A good bath will avoid having more hair scattered around the house.
  • Cleaning at home. Ideally, avoid carpets, sweep regularly and use rollers to remove hair.

On the other hand, a very common problem and more serious than it seems is the presence of parasites.We can combat them by usingdeworming collars, pipettes and sprays. You can get more information on:

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