How do cats see?

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Efreya Waitecker

Knowing how cats see has been of great interest to both scientists and the people who live with these amazing animals.

The good news is that, after many studies, we finally have a lot of information about how cats see the world.

One of the curiosities of cat vision is the layer called tapetum lucidum (carpetThis mechanism allows the cat to absorb much more light and see 5 to 6 times better than the human eye in the dark. Likewise, when the light received by the cat's eye is excessive, the pupils contract vertically leaving a very narrow stripe. This mechanism is what allows the cat to protect its eyes from excessive light.

The cat's ratio between the pupils and the pupils is very small, and the cat's pupils are very small.cells that register light (rods) and those that register color (cones) is 20-35 to 1. This makes possible the ability of the cat to see in the dark. And it is precisely the amount of cones that has the cat's vision, which allows our companion has a great ability to focus but, however, can not adapt so well to changes. This maladaptation alsoinfluences the cat's ability to see objects that are not moving.

On the other hand, the cat's vision is optimal between 2 and 6 meters, has a three-dimensional vision superior to that of other mammals and do not appreciate all colors although they have cones that allow them to have some sensitivity to green and blue colors.

An additional fact is.that cats have an eye that resembles the wide-angle lens of a camera and that each has an angle of vision of 205 degrees.

All these are the peculiarities of the cat's vision and each of them helps him to perform his hunting tasks optimally.The positive thing about knowing them is that by getting a little closer to the way our cat sees the world, we canalso improve their quality of life.

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