Hepatic dog food: an option that is always advisable

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Efreya Waitecker

Taking the best possible care of the health of their dogs is, without any doubt, a concern that all animal lovers always take into account. This is even more evident in cases where the animal has some kind of specific health problem . It is very likely that you find yourself, precisely in this case.

If so, the marketoffers you a range of products designed to promote a good state of health of dogs. A clear example is the food to which we are going to pay special attention in this article: the hepatic feed for dogs .

The hepatic feed and its types

The hepatic feed is a product of animal feed whose main purpose is the one ofcontribute to the care of the process of regeneration of the liver of those dogs with liver problems . You have to keep in mind, however, that this is not a tool that can work alone, especially because dogs with liver problems often have inappetence, so they will not eat unless they are monitored, supervised and, above all, given atype of food specially designed for your case .

And is that, if we start from the idea that the liver is one of the most important organs of the body (it removes toxins and waste products that are produced inside your dog), take care of him when he is sick has a capital importance. In fact, if you neglect any type of disease of the liver, it is very important to take care of it.liver (for example, by not giving the animal the liver food for dogs it needs), the pathology can spread to other parts of the body, such as the brain or the heart.

But what types of special food for the liver can we find on the market? Basically the following:

  • Dry food : This is the most widespread option, as it is the food that is used for the liver.It is the easiest to design as far as ingredients are concerned. Without any doubt, it is the most recommended alternative.
  • Wet food : Unlike the previous feed, it is a form of feeding with a wet texture and soft solidity. It also has valid modalities for liver problems, but it is less recommended, as it produces tartar.
  • Homemade food :Although this is not a type of hepatic food as such, the truth is that we cannot leave this point without referring to the possibility of giving the dog human food carefully chosen to be respectful with his liver. In this sense, you should know that it is not a very advisable option, because controlling things as difficult as the amount of sodium or zinc is not a very good idea, as it is not always easy to control the amount of sodium or zinc.is simple without the right tools.

Think hepatic Royal Canin for chronic hepatitis

Canine chronic hepatitis can be defined as moderate to severe inflammation of the portal regions of the dog's liver . It is usually caused by copper accumulations within the hepatocytes and sometimes ends up.It is a disease that, moreover, affects certain breeds for genetic reasons, such as the bedlington terrier , west highland white terrier (WHWT), Doberman, cocker spaniel and American, poodle and Labrador retriever .

The truth is that it cannot be said that it is a pathology with a genetic basis.However, if the dog is cared for properly (for example, by giving it Royal Canin Hepatic feed ), the animal can have a perfect quality of life.

What is the best hepatic dog food

Now, beyond everything we have told you up to this point, perhaps it is time to address the issue ofWhat is the best hepatic food for dogs . From our point of view, the Royal Canin Hepatic HF16 is the one to choose. These are the 3 reasons behind our decision:

  • It contains vegetable proteins : Two of the ingredients in this food, soya and chicken liver, provide your dog with a large amount of healthy proteins.
  • Contains a large amount of antioxidants : Vitamins C and E, taurine and lutein contribute to the healthy functioning of your dog's metabolism, thus ensuring a significant improvement in liver function.
  • Adequate energy intake : The animal fat and fish oils contained in the recipe provide the vitality your dog needs.

In conclusion, you can alreadyyou have seen the great importance of liver food for dogs and the beneficial effect it has on the health of those sick animals that need to make use of this type of special food.

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