French Bulldog, character, conduct and behavior

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Efreya Waitecker

The French Bulldog is a small-sized breed of dog that was established in this European country in the late 19th century.In both England and America it has developed more than in France.

The French Bulldog was nicknamed "the perfect dog" and its closest relative is the English Bulldog, which is descended from the Mastiff breed, a species of doggo.It was crossed to achieve a dogmore agile and athletic for the fights of two centuries ago.

In its beginnings, the French Bulldog was a common dog in the butchers and coachmen, however, conquered the high society and the artistic world, due to its calm character and appropriate behavior.

The French Bulldog is small in size, muscular, compact and strong. It has a small tail and "bat ears",having more auricular pavilion than any other breed. It weighs between 8 and 14 kg and its size is in proportion.

The French Bulldog is a dog for a small apartment, but still needs to exercise at least an hour a day. It is not a breed very fond of long walks, however, is companion, playful, active and defender of their owners.

The coexistence with children is.very good, for being quite homely and love to be at home surrounded by their masters and playing with them.

The character of the French Bulldog is cheerful and sociable, usually looking for much affection from other dogs or people.

In addition, it is friendly, compatible with other pets, adorable, sweet, patient and protective of children, especially females. It barks only when it thinks necessary

For its part, the French Bulldog is a very quiet dog, loves to sleep a lot and tends to snore, is intelligent and in some cases stubborn, so it is advisable to educate their behavior from puppies.

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