Ensure good nutrition for your dog or cat with Hepatosil Plus

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Efreya Waitecker

If you share your life with an animal, you will know that a determining factor for their health is the food they are given. This is where the so-called nutritional supplements come into play, such as Hepatosil Plus . These are products specifically designed in veterinary laboratories in order that both a dog and a cat reach the daily

We start from the idea that taking care of the feeding of animals is not an easy task. Sometimes, even making use of top brand feeds, it is not possible to provide them with all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that the body asset of an animal needs to function perfectly. Thanks towith the product that we present here, you will have nothing more to fear , because the health of your dog or cat will be in good hands.

Reasons to trust Hepatosil Plus

Undoubtedly, Hepatosil is a nutritional supplement of the highest quality. You may think that these foods are designed for animals with some kind of pathology or disease that can affect them.However, nothing could be further from the truth.

And it is not necessary that our animal suffers from any complication to reinforce its nutritional health. Although we will talk about its benefits later, we will now comment on the situations in which it is ideal to provide your dog or cat with this supplement:

  • Suppositions in which the animal suffers fromhepatopathy : When a dog or cat suffers from this pathology, which leads to an excessive accumulation of fat in the liver, it is very appropriate to help it to cope with its negative effects with Hepatosil .
  • Any other case in which you want to reinforce the usual diet : In addition to the above, it is advisable to ensure that the nutrition of the animal is complete, morebeyond suffering or not some pathology, with the addition of this type of food to your daily diet.

Now, what animals can take it? Well, beyond the situations we have discussed, can be consumed by all kinds of breeds of dogs and cats. In addition, no matter how old they are, because there is no kind of contraindication or for young animals or for young animals, it does not matter how old they are.For seniors and, of course, neither for adults in the middle of their life cycle. That is, you do not have to carry any kind of control over the age or type of dog or cat, as it will always be beneficial to provide them with Hepatosil .

Hepatosil dogs and Hepatosil cats

Once you have decided on the implementation of nutritional supplements in the diet of your animal, you have to.know that the ideal is to take 1 tablet daily for every 5 kilograms . However, if your dog has a weight of 40 kilograms or more, you should administer a maximum of 8 tablets a day in one or two doses. In any case, you do not have to worry, since all these indications are detailed in the prospectus that is attached to the package at the time of purchase of the

It is also very important that the animal has continuous and unrestricted access to water while taking Hepatosil so that the digestion of Hepatosil is carried out correctly. In addition, you should make sure that the treatment does not last for more than 6 consecutive months.

What are the specific effects of Hepatosil in dogs and cats?cats?

    • Hepatoprotective effect : Protects the interior of such an important organ as the liver.
    • Detoxifying effect : Helps the animal to eliminate all kinds of toxins.
    • Cell regenerating effect : The state of health of a living being can be described as the good functioning of its cell regeneration mechanisms. This supplement helps to the
    • Antihepatotoxic effect : By making the liver function as it should, the accumulation of toxins in this organ is allowed to be the minimum possible, which contributes to the overall welfare of the animal.

    As you can see, Hepatosil in cats and dogs is a direct improvement in the state of their health and in the functioning of the metabolism of your cat and dog .In conclusion, now that you know the many benefits of nutritional supplements in general and Hepatosil Plus in particular, it is in your hand to start enjoying them. Remember that this product is indicated for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages . For the same reason, we encourage you to become part of Hepatosil Plus .people who have complete confidence in these high quality nutritional supplements. Take a stroll through our online store and ensure the well-being of your dog or cat, whatever their breed or age!

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