Doberman, get information before you buy it.

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Efreya Waitecker

The Doberman has its origin in Thuringia in Germany. It has a predominantly intelligent character, skillful, obedient and great capacity for work.

Its estimated life span is generally between 8 and 14 years, although depending on their quality of life and the development of diseases of each race, can exceed in many cases this maximum limit.A proper diet and logicaldisease prevention, it will influence their life expectancy and well-being.

Before you get a dog of this size, think about all that it entails, it's a decision for a long time, it has costs that can be quite large, plus it requires a good chunk of your time.We just want to make sure you don't get infatuated and then can't keep it.

The Dobermanis a large dog breed, you should keep in mind that a dog of this size does not have the same characteristics as a medium or small dog. If you live in a flat it is not advisable to have a dog of this size, as it needs space and exercise.

You have to keep in mind that a dog of this size requires a different set of needs than dogs of smaller sizes. A dog of this size requires a different set of needs than dogs of smaller sizes.

If you live in a flat, it is not advisable to have a dog of this size, as it needs space and exercise.large dog needs an open space to be able to exercise, move and have a good quality of life.

There are many models of dog bed, obviously it is something logical, but keep in mind. Large breed dog, large bed, so adapt your space to be able to put this bed. Do not you want to have it always above you on the couch?

To transport it properly.We must choose a suitable carrier for its dimensions, where it can be comfortable and with enough space to rest inside.

The Doberman will need a place to be bathed. A bathtub or shower will be the most appropriate place. A hose outside the house, if you have it, may also be sufficient. If you do not have any of these elements, you must order your Doberman to be bathed in a bathtub or shower.bathroom to a dog groomer.

If you have a yard or garden and you want your dog to have his space there, the best thing to do is to buy him a doghouse.When choosing it you must take into account the size of the dog, the material of the kennel if it has good water resistance.Keep in mind that it will be your pet's home and he has to live there for many years.

The Doberman is adog that you will not be able to carry on your lap when you travel by car, besides dangerous it is uncomfortable and not allowed.If you choose to travel with him in your displacement keep in mind that in addition to your luggage you must have space for him in the back or rear seats of the car.

If you are one of those who want your dog to travel with you, you must take into account the fact of going inLarge breed dogs must go in the hold with a carrier approved by IATA, check with your airline what are the conditions for traveling with your dog.

If you are going to move on public transport with your dog next to you, keep in mind that it must be well trained, there are people who can be bothered to travel with a dog next to you, take the necessary measures, andconsider whether it is necessary to buy a carrier for The Doberman

When you go for a walk with him in your city or if you live in a village, you should know that it is mandatory to take him properly tied with a collar or harness and a leash. Until you know him well and you have socialized him, keep in mind that many people and mostly younger children who do not live with dogs, often take them for a walk with a collar or harness.Avoid incidents with other people.

The Doberman needs some physical activity.

You must take him for a daily walk and he must have his time to do his business outside.

You must pick up his droppings yourself and you must add a daily time to this moment.

It will also be a moment of leisure for you and will also allow you to disconnect daily from your.concerns.

All dogs like to go on a hike, whether it's to the mountains, or just a visit to some friends.Dogs need to empty their energy in some way or another, daily exercise, combined with some slightly different activity from time to time can do them a world of good, and they will certainly thank you.

A dog's life is not a matter of months, but years, and.The main cost you are going to have is the food, put it within your budget. Dogs eat every day, just like us. The quality of the feed is of vital importance, so do not try to save with cheap feed, always look at the compositions, it is important that the products are fresh. In short, it is an animal with nutritional needs.You wouldn't eat "fast food" every day, would you?

Choosing a low quality or excessively cheap feed, will have consequences in everything, in their health, welfare and physical tone and in your pocket after a while, as they will increase your visits to the vet and the cost derived from the nutritional imbalance will have negative effects on their health and in your pocket, as they will increase your visits to the vet.pocket.

The Doberman, like any dog has to eat and for this we must choose a feed for him.Obviously there is no perfect feed or the best feed in the world.There are many brands of feed and of very good quality, we must find one that our dog likes, that the size of the croquette is adequate and that it provides everything you need.

Take a good feed.quality is something that will surely be noticed in the daily life of your dog. You must give him a feed that meets all his nutritional needs, so it must contain fresh food and not by-products that are not suitable for human consumption. He will notice it and you will notice it.

Stick to the daily amount recommended by each brand of feed. All brands have their own tables.You will see that these amounts are different depending on the weight of the dog and daily activity, the more activity, the more feed. Respect these amounts and you will get your dog to have the right weight.

It is on everyone's lips that one of the most common problems in large breed dogs are those arising from their joints and bones during the stage ofThere are feeds with special formulations to prevent these problems, so giving him a feed of this type of can avoid having to give him expensive chondroprotectors during old age.

The Doberman is a dog that will like to go out and share your outdoor activities.In periods of spring to early autumn the chances of coming into contact with parasites of the Doberman are very low.

The Doberman is a dog that will like to go out and share your outdoor activities.In periods of spring to early autumn the chances of coming into contact with parasites of the Doberman are very low.outside or from other dogs is high, so you will need to use products that prevent parasites and products that try to deworm the dog.

You will also need some general hygiene guidelines, in addition to regular brushing to remove shed hair and allow regeneration, you should choose a dog Shampoo.The Ph of a dog is different, so you can notuse shampoo for humans.

Snacks, prizes, treats or dog biscuits can be a good tool to train and educate our dog, but you have to give them in a rational way to avoid problems of obesity or overfeeding. Remember: abuse is never good.

The feed should be your usual food, from small to old age. Do not get used to give him your dog's, with the feed is enough, in addition, if it is a quality feed will have all the necessary nutrients, so do not cause imbalances with your food, because you could end up causing obesity or overweight.

If you want to expand your family with a dog you must take into account the smallest of the house.It is very important that the relationship between the dog and the children is good.That is why it is veryit is important that you teach your dog from the very beginning that he must respect all members of the family and those who live with you how to relate to The Doberman

Large breed dogs are usually very strong. They will never want to hurt you, just as you will certainly not want to hurt him. However, be aware of their strength, their nails, their paws, their teeth and their teeth, and be aware of the fact that they are very strong, and that they will never want to hurt you.If from a very young age we teach him how to walk, where he has to relieve himself, how to interact with other dogs and other people, we will make the time of the walk something exciting for both of us.

Be patient and persistent that thecommands and rules that your dog must learn, you will see the fruits in a short time.

The Doberman can be as affectionate and good companion as you want.Be demanding with visitors, prevent him from jumping on everyone who comes to see you.Your dog can be calm at your side and be equally happy with others.Let people touch him and let the dogs smell him, but always withEven if you are looking for a dog of a specific breed, there are certainly organizations that work for the good of these animals that can have it. Most of the dogs that you can find are the result of irresponsibility, of people who acquire them as a whim and then they are not able to take them to the shelter.We encourage you to visit our section of Entities, sure you can find one near your home and also have the type of dog you're looking for.

We are very happy that you have come this far, this means that you already know what it means to acquire a dog of these characteristics. Unfortunately, there are many people who have not done so, with the consequence ofhave hundreds or even thousands of abandoned dogs, which currently reside in entities that care for someone to take them in. In Petclic you can find these entities, we give you their contact to call or write them, sure they can help you find what you are looking for.

A puppy is very nice. A dog of 40 kilos, poorly educated on the couch of yourRead in our library all the advice on conduct, behaviour, coexistence and training, habits, feeding and prevention advice, health risks, etc. In this way you will enjoy living with a dog, do not doubt that there are many more advantages than disadvantages to living with the Doberman

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