Dachshund-Dachshund training tips

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Efreya Waitecker

The Teckel-Dachshund is a dog with a cheerful, fun and playful character.

It is a very affectionate breed with his family and very brave and tenacious in his work.

As a hound, he has a very good sense of smell and is very curious towards new things.

It is a very intelligent dog, who can get his way thanks to his funny and harmless appearance.

You have to be very firm and entrenchour leadership as soon as possible or our Dachshund will show his character and take over.

There are some important aspects of his behaviour that must be dealt with as soon as possible if we are going to live with a Dachshund. The first point to consider is his barking. It is surprisingly loud for such a small dog. It must be made clear to him as soon as possible that barking unnecessarily is not a good idea.is a desired behavior.

Another point is their instinct to dig and sometimes chew.

These behaviors also need to be erased before they become obsessive.Good leadership is the key to success in these areas.

Teaching our Dachshund Dachshund where and when we want him to do his business requires a lot of patience on our part.

Like many small dogs, he does notit is an easy task to train due to the size of his bladder.It can be very helpful to use a crate.

It is an intelligent breed that responds very well to positive reinforcement.It is not very difficult to train our dog in basic obedience.He will quickly learn to sit, lie down and stay still.We must make sure that he responds well to our call before letting him go off leash.outdoors, as it is easily distracted by the smells and tends to follow them if they call his curiosity.

It is also necessary to teach him to walk by our side without pulling the leash. It is important that our Teckel-Dachshund walk by our side following us without trying to follow all the traces that we find in our path.


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