Cutting my dog's hair in summer, yes or no?

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Efreya Waitecker

With the arrival of the heat one of the first things that crosses our minds is to cut our dog's hair. Poor thing, with so much hair must be a horrible heat... Wrong! Cutting the hair is not advisable for all dogs, as in many cases the fur acts as a sunscreen and prevents sunstroke, burns and skin problems.

How do you know if you should cut it?

Whether your dog has short, harsh hair - like a Labrador or Husky - or long hair - like a Chow Chow or Pomeranian - you should never take him to the groomer to have his coat removed. Although it's hard to believe, the fur helps protect them from the sun's rays and keeps them cool. The spring molt is a reason to keep just the right coat for thesummer.

You can also help them cool off

We tell you some tricks you can do to keep your dog cool:

  • A daily brushing will help remove the dead hairs that accumulate on our dog i that act as a barrier to expel the heat.
  • With fresh water the furry will stay hydrated.
  • Never leave your pet inside acar, as you may suffer from heat stroke.

Enjoy your holiday!

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