Collar seresto dog, the best option against parasites

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Efreya Waitecker

The Seresto dog collar is one of the best alternatives within your reach if you have a dog weighing less than eight kilograms. The brand has made an effort to design a specific product for puppies that is surprising for its reliability and adaptability. Fleas, ticks and leishmaniasis are constant threats that can be avoided thanks to the above mentioned product.

For you toto make it clearer how it works , when you should put it and why you should trust Seresto, we have written the following sections. Discover everything you need to know about an essential article for your faithful friend to have a better life.

When you should put a collar antiparasitic dogs?

Any antiparasitic collar for dogs should be put onRemember to ask your vet if your puppy is ready to wear it. Also, keep in mind that every puppy behaves differently.

The collar should not be bitten by the dog and should not be placed in such a way that it can be removed without effort. You should get your puppy used to the collar little by little, so that he can get used to it.wear it.

Contraindications to take into account with the Seresto

Although the Seresto anti-parasite collar is a product that has been repeatedly tested and is always recommended, you must take into account some contraindications as your dog could:

  • Feel itching and continuous discomfort. You will notice that it tries to remove the product.
  • Suffer a reddening of the area where the collar is.
  • Begin to experience a greater hair loss .
  • Have gastrointestinal problems . They are usually caused because the dog bites the collar and gets intoxicated with the insecticide it contains.
  • Experience neuromuscular .

If you observe any of the above symptoms,remove the collar immediately and consult your vet. The above symptoms usually occur during the period of adaptation to the collar. Also, if the puppy can bite the collar or move it are factors that affect the appearance of the discomfort mentioned.

Puppy anti-parasite collar

The Puppy anti-parasite collar for puppies

is designed to protect puppies from the parasites that may appear in the collar.Seresto is one of the most recommended on the market. Small breed dogs or puppies weighing less than eight kilograms need articles tailored to be as effective as they deserve. This collar measures 38 centimeters and its adaptation is total.

In addition, it contains the right amount of insecticide avoiding toxicity or allergies (specifically, it includes 0.56 grams of insecticide).of flumethrin and 1.25 grams of imidacloprid. The excipients are titanium dioxide (E171) and iron oxide black (E172)).

When buying it, you must remember that between the neck of your dog and the collar should fit two fingers so that it is tight, but not loose. You always have the option to cut it to better fit your dog's physiognomy. We summarize the advantages of the collarSeresto in the following list:

  • It is a external antiparasitic of long duration (up to eight months).
  • The insecticide material is inserted in the polymer matrix of the product. Once the collar is on, small quantities of the product are released and reach the skin and the different layers of fat of the dog's skin. That is, the distribution is
  • It helps to eliminate ticks and fleas immediately. They will not bite the animal thanks to the repellent power of the substances mentioned above.
  • It is highly effective in preventing Leishmania (its effectiveness is between 88 and 100%), one of the most harmful ailments that end up putting at stake the life of your dog.
  • It does not allow lice on the coat.
  • Regardless of your dog's activity, the collar fits perfectly.
  • It is odourless and waterproof .
  • Just put the collar on your dog and forget about it for several months. Fleas, ticks and phlebotomus will not affect him.

Although the above advantages of the collar ,

the collar is a great way to keep your dog's coat clean.antiparasitic dog collar Seresto are more than enough to trust the antiparasitic dog collar that is being described; maybe you need some more information to decide. Remember that your small dog or puppy does not need the same care as an adult dog or a medium or large size.

It is normal that their activity is greater and need more protection.Any product like the Seresto dog collar is an essential complement to maintain the health of your dog easily.

Therefore, you can get a splendid result without having to expose your dog to chemicals and without bothering to apply topical products or check his coat. Do not hesitate, the Seresto dog collar is the perfect complement to maintain the health of your is an ideal product that will allow you to achieve the best results. Make it the key to get your small dog can have a normal activity and, especially, so you do not have to worry about the possible parasites that could affect him.

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