Characteristics and Importance of Acana Puppy Large Breed Puppy food for large puppies

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Efreya Waitecker

For a dog to grow strong and healthy, it is necessary to feed it high quality food. As with people, not all dogs are the same and not all can eat the same. For example, you should pay attention to feed for large breed puppies, that is, dogs that will weigh more than 25 kilos when they are adults.

This type of breed has a very fast growth , which means that they will weigh more than 25 kilos when they are adults.For this reason, they should have a different diet than other dogs, especially in the early ages.

It is important that the large breed puppy gets a balanced diet: enough to grow properly, but without causing an excess of weight, sinceIt would be disastrous for its skeleton and cardiovascular health.

For all these reasons, it is important to know the characteristics of large breed puppy food , knowing how it can help the dog to reach its size without damaging its body.

Characteristics of large breed puppy food

Large breed puppy food is different from the usual puppy food.It usually has a high protein percentage , over 25%.This macronutrient helps build your skeleton without adding as much fat.It is important that protein comes from several quality sources, including eggs, fish and meat.As for meat, it should always be fresh, avoiding dehydrated products.A good choice is chicken and turkey meat.

ForOn the other hand, the level of fat is usually lower , being generally less than 18%. Although fat intake is necessary for proper hormonal development, too much fat intake can lead to weight gain. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not need too many carbohydrates.

Also, feed for large breed puppies has other additives such asFor this purpose, vegetables are often added in their formulation, including lentils, peas or some fruits such as blueberries.

Some also include so-called chondroprotectors , which help to protect the dog's joints. As large breed dogs have a greater tendency to

In any case, it is best to ask your veterinarian about the characteristics of the breed of the dog and the food it needs. He knows better than anyone the necessary quantities and the ideal type of feed for them.

Why feed Acana special food for this type of dog?dogs?

Due to their particular development, special feedings must be given to this type of dog. Large dogs have evolved as carnivores, so they need to eat a lot of meat, a lot of protein and a moderate amount of fat, limiting carbohydrates as much as possible. For this reason, feed for large breed puppies is special.

Acana Puppy feedLarge Breed is ideal for large breed puppies, as it has everything they need to grow healthy and strong. It is easy to digest and has a perfect composition for them.

It is composed of high quality protein, with chicken and turkey . In addition, it has vegetables such as red lentils, green peas and lentils, as well as kale leaves, fresh zucchini andIt has 33% protein and only 15% fat, very balanced amounts for this type of feed. The protein it contains is of high quality, including a very complete aminogram.

It also has a good amount of calcium, phosphorus, Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine and selenium . It also has all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements.necessary vitamins, including B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E.

It is recommended for dogs between one and a half months and 24 months , although it depends on the adult weight they reach. For example, dogs that will weigh 25 kilos, can move to adult feed at 15 months, while very large breeds that reach 70, need to take this feed.

Generally, the heavier the puppies become, the more food they need and the more time they need to eat large breed puppy food . We recommend that you divide the ration into 2 or more meals a day to avoid indigestion.

Prices for acana large breed puppy food

It can be purchased in two formats, one of which is the Acana food of 11.4 kg and another Acana Puppy Large Breed of 17 kg, If you buy the 11.4 kilos, the kilo comes out to 4.45 euros, while with the 17 the price per kilo drops to 4.08. Also, you can save money by buying 2 or more units, thus multiplying the savings.

A large dog can reach eat 850 grams of feed per day , so it is best toThis not only saves you money, but also ensures that your dog never goes without food.

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