Bull Terrier, character, conduct and behavior

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Efreya Waitecker

The Bull Terrier, also called the English Bull Terrier, is a breed of dog known for the triangular shape of its head and its small eyes. Among the main character traits are the fact that they are fun, funny and active.

The Bull Terrier is also a "famous dog", appearing in several movies, books, comic strips or advertising.

It is a breed

They are short-haired and white, some may have spots on the head. There are also brindle, fawn and tricolour.

As for their character and behaviour, Bull Terriers are friendly and very rarely aggressive. They are very strong physically and at the same time intelligent, so both their body and their mind have to be able to cope with the stresses and strains of their body and mind.The Bull Terrier is not recommended for those who are new to dog breeding, because they need a lot of time to be trained.

The Bull Terrier is a loving breed par excellence, they love to be accompanied, it will never be a good idea to leave them alone for too long.The coexistence with people is excellent.

It is also recommended for homes with outdoor spaces, so you can run and keep fit. They can live more than 12 years if they are cared for and loved.

The Bull Terrier needs exercise throughout his life, but without falling into the lack of over-exercising him as a puppy, because it can bring problems in the muscles and not grow as much.enough.

They are very guard dogs, with a well-honed ear. It is known that they are gluttons, so it will be necessary to dose the food and above all, that they exercise. They like the company of humans, not so much of other dogs.

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