Boxer, diseases and health problems

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Efreya Waitecker

The Boxer is a medium-large dog, which has the appearance of being very strong and resistant. But, as with all breeds, you should be aware that it has special genetic predisposition to suffer certain diseases.

Among the most common, include hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, aortic stenosis, hypothyroidism, and the appearance of tumors, bothmalignant and benign.

As for tumors, it must be said that they are more common in Boxers from the age of 8 years, so it is advisable to make regular reviews to dogs of this breed, in order to detect them and be able to apply a treatment early.

Also, hypothyroidism is one of the dysfunctions to be taken into account in these dogs. Susmain symptoms are apathy, obesity, coat problems, and behavioral disturbances.

However, one of the most common hereditary diseases in Boxer dogs is hip dysplasia, a bone disorder that prevents the hip joint and the head of the femur from fitting together properly, and causes severe pain when the dog is in pain when the hip joint and the head of the thigh bone.The gastric torsion is also a common problem in dogs the size of the Boxer. Its origin lies in the lack of resistance of the ligaments that hold the stomach, and can cause the stomach to turn in on itself when the dog makes any movement. Its consequences are important, since it causes the stomach to turn in on itself when the dog makes a movement.There are no guarantees of prevention, but you can help to avoid problems by feeding your dog food twice, and by preventing him from exercising straight after eating.

Don't forget that all the possible health problems your Boxer may have that we have explained in this article can be treated.Take your dog to the consultation of your trusted specialist so that he can have a good quality of life.


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