Benefits of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal for Dogs

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Efreya Waitecker

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Dog Food is the ideal choice for cases of digestive tract problems. It has all the nutrients needed to feed your dog well and is formulated to care for your dog's digestive health. Gastrointestinal Dog Food is easy to digest and will help your dog recover.

Digestive disorders in dogs

canin Gastrointestinal Dog Foodis the ideal option for cases of digestive tract problems.If you combine it with a proper diet, the results will be more satisfactory and faster. The right mix of nutrients in the gastrointestinal feed for dogswill produce the desired effects so that they recover in the shortest possible time.

Many dogs suffer from digestive disorders throughout their lives, and the right mix of nutrients in the gastrointestinal feed for dogs will produce the desired effects.In many cases the problems become chronic and seriously interfere with the animal's well-being.

To prevent and cure gastrointestinal disorders it is important to provide your dog with an adequate diet adapted to his specific needs.

In this article we explain youhow Royal Canin's gastrointestinal food will help your dog improve his digestive problems and keep him healthy and vital.

Features of gastrointestinal food

Royal Canin's gastrointestinal food is a complete and balanced food to give your dog digestive comfort. It is suitable for all ages and types of breeds.

In theformulation have been chosen ingredients that improve digestion and reduce discomfort caused by irritation in the digestive tract.

Hydrolysed proteins

If your dog has digestive problems, whether stomach, pancreatic or intestinal, it needs an easily digestible food and for that it is necessary that the animal proteins are hydrolysed.

Prebiotics and nutritional additives

Indispensable for bacterial growth which favours the assimilation of nutrients and fats. Vitamins A, D3, C, E, taurine, folic acid, vitamins B2, B3, B5 B6 and B12, arginine and L-lysine.

Healthy fats

From fish oil, seeds, yeasts and rapidly absorbed animal fats.

How to administer the gastrointestinal feed for dogs?

Before offering your dog the feed we recommend that you consult your vet. Please note that this feed is also formulated to supplement pharmacological treatments , so we recommend that you discuss with a professional the advisability of administering a drug to your dog.

If your dog suffers from chronic pancreatitis, hyperlipidaemia or other severe digestive disorders, you should not give gastrointestinal dog food .

The feed has an attractive taste that will make your dog eat it spontaneously, alone or combined with other foods. Give it dry or wet and you will see how much he enjoys eating it.

When should you give your dog gastrointestinal food?

It is especially recommended for animals that have a digestive problem. The most common manifestations are diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and poor appetite. Also, if your dog loses weight for no apparent reason may have a malabsorption syndrome or other disease of the intestine, such as overgrowth.

In all these cases gastrointestinal feed contributes to a lighter digestion , improving the absorption of nutrients and favouring the animal's well-being.

gastrointestinal feed is particularly indicated in postoperative and convalescence processes because it provides a high fat content that increases the energy lost.

Advantages of gastrointestinal feed

Dogs suffer from gastrointestinal disorders throughout their lives that cause discomfort and can lead to severe problems. Allergic reactions, inflammation, sensitivity and other manifestations result in diarrhea, vomiting and pain. By using a specific feed for this purpose, the animal will improve in a short period of time.

These are the benefits of using the gastrointestinal floss :

Easy digestion

The specific formulation improves the flora and intestinal transit is faster. At the same time it decreases intestinal peristalsis, avoiding flatulence and bloating in the gut.


Essential for regulating nerve function and balancing acidity in the blood . The electrolytes present in the food will improve all metabolic processes in your dog.

Suitable for long-term feeding

You can feed your dog with this food for as long as you want, even when he is recovered from his occasional problems. In this way

Ideal for dogs with food sensitivities

Complete food very suitable for dogs with sensitivities to certain foods, such as cereals or dairy. With this food you will be favouring their gastrointestinal health and you will see how digestive processes improve.

Diseases and digestive disorders in dogs are closely linked to the type of food they have. Royal Canin Gastrointestinal dog food is the best help for them. A high-end nutrition at a very competitive price that increases the defenses of the animal and strengthens your digestive tract.

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