Basic advice before the arrival of a dog

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Efreya Waitecker

Before the arrival of a pet in our family it is very important to prepare ourselves to offer him all the care he needs.It is an exciting time, but it can also become a stressful situation for your puppy.Here is a summary of all the details you need to know:

The areas of the home

It is necessary to identify the different areas of the home with theIn the eating area there will be a bowl for water and another for food, while in the sleeping area will have a comfortable bed. It is also essential to enable an area with newspapers for your dog can do their needs if necessary. Toys are also essential, especially when they are puppies. It is the time when they are more playful.and when they have more dental discomfort, so they will need to bite.

The right food

It is essential to give the right food to your dog to avoid gastrointestinal problems.In case you have to change the food, you have to do it gradually, mixing the previous food with the new one.The choice of food is important, but never give leftovers norThe dog needs to grow healthy and strong, so it is advisable to feed it with natural ingredients, without cereals and free of preservatives. An important point to take into account is that puppies up to 6 months old eat three times a day, while from 6 months onwards they eat twice a day.


You must create some basic rules to be able toeducate your dog from the first day: where he can enter, if he can climb into bed or onto the sofa, meal times, walk times... The education of a pet should always be positive, without shouting or physical violence. It is appropriate to reward good behavior with treats or scolding with a simple "No".

The visit to the vet

One of the first things you should do is take him to the vet.veterinarian for a first review, to ask any questions, for the vaccination schedule and to give you the instructions to follow for proper care.


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