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Efreya Waitecker


We are a non-profit Association, whose function is to help abandoned or mistreated dogs and cats. The objectives of the ASSOCIATION are those set out in Chapter I of its Statutes and which are summarized in the realization of all kinds of activities and legal actions necessary to improve the living conditions of the animals.animals The ASSOCIATION considers that the problems of mistreatment, abandonment and cruelty to animals are an educational issue, so it will carry out a program with all kinds of educational and informative campaigns at different levels. The problem of abandoned and mistreated animals is the responsibility of the municipalities, which must comply with and enforce the laws in force and theThe ASSOCIATION will ensure that they assume these responsibilities, collaborating with them or denouncing in cases of non-compliance. The mistreatment and abandonment of animals are against the law and their perpetrators must be punished, so the ASSOCIATION will take legal action to try to tackle these issues with the collaboration of all persons who wish to file complaints. TheUnwanted births cause an excess of animals and their subsequent abandonment, so the ASSOCIATION recommends sterilization in most cases. The ASSOCIATION will carry out information campaigns to raise awareness of the various types of sterilization and its advantages. The ASSOCIATION could have its own shelter for abandoned animals. The policy regarding the operation ofThis possible Shelter is reflected in the following points: Only animals without owners would be collected. Animals with owners would not be admitted, although a service of offers and demands for adoption would be offered. The ASSOCIATION declares itself against sacrifices even if the animal has a physical deficiency or disability. The adoption of animals that would be kept in the shelter is encouraged.The ASSOCIATION would monitor the adaptation of these adopted animals, as well as the care and attention they receive from their new owners. Any person can become a member of the ASSOCIATION by applying for registration, for a minimum monthly fee of 5 euros to be paid quarterly. Any person, whether or not a member,can collaborate with the ASSOCIATION by joining the various working groups that are underway or participating in the tasks to be carried out in the shelter. The ASSOCIATION is open to collaboration with institutions and related groups and associations to carry out joint programs that aim to improve the living conditions of animals. The ASSOCIATIONwants to remember that it is private, that the partners, directors and collaborators work with total altruism and that they have the intention, but NOT the obligation, to solve the problems related to animals.

Other information of interest:

Accept cash donations Yes
Public account for donations (20 digits) *(4) Yes
Oneindividual can become a member Yes
An individual can sponsor Yes
An individual can adopt Yes
An individual can temporarily foster an animal Yes
Volunteers without specific training are needed Yes
Volunteers with veterinary training are needed Yes
Volunteers with veterinary training are needed Yes
Volunteers with training inbiology No
Need volunteers for work on the facilities: bricklayers, plumbers, electricians etc... Yes Yes
Need donations of food or drugs for animals Yes


Abbreviation: ACOLAMA

Population: LA SÉNIA

Province: Valencia



Area of action:Local

Contact person: Miriam

E-mail contact: [email protected]

Contact telephone: 62086550

Opening hours: 16:00h-20:00h


Facebook of the entity: Acolama La Senia

Animalsto which the entity is dedicated:----

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