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Efreya Waitecker

Dogs face many dangers within their environment. This includes the appearance of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, which could lead to the appearance of parasites such as tapeworms and even diseases such as leishmaniasis. A good way to avoid this is to use a dog pipette , a perfect product for deworming.

The antiparasitic pipettes are.a good way to keep dogs free of these parasites, as well as serve to eliminate them if they are already present.

To apply the pipette, you should apply the contents of the pipette to the dog's skin, especially on the nape of the neck, back and tail.Apply the pipette against the grain and make sure it penetrates well and does not remain on the surface.To do this, the dog should bedry , as this is the only way for the product to penetrate the skin. Always try to avoid contact with the eyes, washing the area with water if it happens accidentally.

After that, prevent the dog from licking the area to avoid poisoning, something you can do by covering the area with some dog clothing. Also do not bathe the dog within 48 hours after application,as it would nullify the effect of the dog pipette .

If it is a quality product, the dog will be protected for 1 month . For the following applications, store the pipette in a shady and cool place.

Effects and allergies of dog pipettes

Most pipettes are not toxic to dogs, as this compound is designed to kill the dog pipettes.parasites, being almost harmless for mammals. However, some dogs may have allergies, especially when the wrong product is applied for their size. Also, the risk of poisoning increases if the dog licks the area within 12 hours or if there is a wound on the skin.

For this reason, you must choose correctly the type of dog pipette , since.The wrong one could have harmful effects. To do this, it is best to consult with your veterinarian about the correct type.

Side effects from pipette poisoning are easy to detect. Typically, you may see excessive salivation, diarrhea, nervous behavior, cramps, or convulsions. Generally, these effects appear right after applying theproduct, presenting none if more than a day has passed.

If the dog has been poisoned, you must go to the vet for the correct treatment. It is important not to do things on your own or pay attention to some myths, such as drinking milk. Moreover, drinking milk could even worsen the symptoms.

Pipettes dogs advantix and other large.brands

There are a lot of brands that offer dog pipette , but not all of them are the same.Generally, the best known brands such as Advantix, Effitix, Flevox or Frontline are usually a guarantee of quality.

For example, you can buy advantix pipettes for dogs.In this case, it protects against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.Although this model is fordogs over 25 kilos, there are also for others who have less weight, regardless of their race, even for puppies over 10 weeks.

It is a product resistant to bath and shampoo , so you can bathe without any problem. In any case, repels ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, avoiding the bites and possible diseases they transmit, making italmost instantly after application.

Advantix pipettes price

You can buy in a pack of 4 pipettes and in a larger pack of 24 . The pack of 4 costs between 29 and 32 euros approximately, while the pack of 24 pipettes is between 150 and 163 euros approximately. You can also save by buying two or more units, obtaining a much better price.Our advice is to buy more pipettes, as you will have more time and can get a significant savings per unit. Remember to apply one per month for maximum protection and thus avoid the presence of parasites.

Puppy pipettes: use and basic precautions

In the case of puppy pipettes , you can not apply any.Pipettes for adult dogs could be bad for their health and cause reactions more easily. Also, it should be avoided to apply in newborn dogs, as they have a much more delicate immune system.

The requirement is that must weigh more than 1 kilo and have more than 10 weeks of life . Before that happens, it is best not to use any type of pipette or external product.At most, you can use flea powder, although it is better not to use anything in these first weeks of life.

After that age, you can apply puppy pipettes . As with the dog pipette , no matter the breed. What really matters is the weight of the animal, so you should choose the appropriate one. If you have doubts, you can consult with yourveterinarian to advise you on the best option.

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