Advance for Dogs - Opinion

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Efreya Waitecker

What is your opinion on Advance?

I would like to know your opinion on the Advance brand for dogs and why it is better than Royal Canin or Ultima for a large three year old dog.

I don't know the breed.

Wikipets answers your queries:

Advance dog food is a brand manufactured by Affinity.The quality of Advance feed is, in our opinion, at an.high level, for its ingredients and mostly for its results and the general level of satisfaction of its consumers.

Advance, in addition, is a brand that incorporates in most of its formulations, rice as an energy supplement in their dog food, much better, in principle, than other cereals such as corn or wheat.

Royal canin, is another first level manufacturer, inAlthough leadership is not, by any means, a guarantee of anything, it is a quality feed and its consumers generally give a positive opinion of its results.

Royal Canin, like Advance, are two brands present in the vast majority of specialised shops.for animals and in practically all veterinary centers in our country.

Ultima, although it is also a product of the brand affinity, is not, far from the same level of formulation as the brand Advance of the same manufacturer. If we compare both formulations, you will see that the level of complementary ingredients of advance is far superior in terms of additional elements in eachformula, integrating in the same, chondroprotectors, probiotics, digestive, oils, acids and other supplements that facilitate the assimilation, digestion and improve the nutritional quality of the product.

Thanks for trusting the expert.


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