Acana sport & agility dog food, your best choice for your dog

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Efreya Waitecker

Does your dog have a lot of energy and is always busy with some activity? If this is the case, the Acana agility & sport feed with no less than 75% protein and animal fats in its composition is the high energy feed that the most active animals need. It is the favorite of both dogs and your family, because Acana agility is the High energy feed for your provides complete, quality nutrition based on ingredients free of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and grains.

We love Acana because it mirrors a dog's natural diet by incorporating meat, cartilage and internal organs in percentages that provide a concentrated source of virtually every nutrient that medium to highly active dogs need.So, Acana sport & agility 17kg will delight dogs who enjoy running and jumping after a ball every day, and even those who look after sheep! This specially formulated food offers an unrivalled source of energy to keep your dog active, happy, strong and healthy.

Want to know more? Let's take a look at the different ingredients in more detail.features of Acana sport 17 kg for animals that require extra energy.

Food for Acana sport & agility

When should this specific Acana food be used? The sport & agility formula is especially indicated to meet the needs of dogs that have a lot of daily physical activity , or those that are

It is recommended for animals that are canine sports and have a very high activity index. No matter the breed, this dry food will help maintain energy levels throughout the day, especially in times of increased activity. Thinking of going hiking for a few days with your dog?Get your dog ready to be in top form with Acana sport.

It also boosts the immune system thanks to the essential fatty acids from fresh wild game fish in its composition, contributing to healthy skin and a healthy shine to the coat. An all-round food for the most demanding dogs.

Properties of the high-energy food for the most active dogs

With 75% fresh, high-quality meat it contributes to stable energy levels throughout the day. It contains up to twice as much protein of natural origin as other similar foods.

Furthermore, it includes fruits and vegetables that promote easy digestion by releasing the necessary nutrients at all times, especially at peaks of maximum activity. The fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 present in its composition guarantee an immune system in top form.

Among its main properties, the following stand out:

  • Contains Pacific seaweed that increases andimprove the animal's metabolism, while natural plants (chicory, psyllium fiber, marshmallow root and arctium) support intestinal health.
  • Wheat, corn and gluten free , incorporates split oats that release glucose slowly helping to maintain balanced energy levels.
  • Includes fresh Pacific salmon that is never frozen, so it is never frozen.The formula for the most sporty dogs also contains fresh whole eggs and free-range chicken from local farms in Alberta, Canada.
  • The energy content of this food is 4650 kcal / kg with 35% protein, 45% fat and 20% fruits, vegetables and split oats.

Acana sport& agility 17kg Is it suitable for your dog?

Regardless of breed, Acana sport 17kg is the ideal formula for adult dogs with higher activity levels. At this point, it should be noted that those aged between 12 months and 8 years tend to be more active than seniors aged 9 years and older. However, animals that require higher activity levels are a separate case.We refer to sporting dogs, hunting dogs, sheep dogs or those that are extremely active .

In all these cases, the caloric needs are much higher than, for example, a dog that grows up in a flat in the city and will need a lower energy intake to maintain a weight of


It is important that you dose the feed according to the recommended amounts depending on the dog's weight and level of activity (moderate or high), although it is advisable to adapt them to the specific needs of your dog. Remember to always leave clean, fresh water within reach of the animal.

Enter our online shop and find the right

food for your dog.feed Acana sport & agility in 17 kg pack or other formats. Choose yours now!

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