Acana Senior is the ideal dog food for senior dogs.

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Efreya Waitecker

Just like humans, dogs with the advance of age suffer changes in their organism that we must take into account to offer them adequate food and care and thus, provide them with a better quality of life to enjoy their company to the fullest.

Taking into account that food is key to the care of the animal, it is important to provide that which contains thevitamins, minerals and proteins adequate and in correct proportion to keep them healthy and with a good weight.

In that sense, the Acana brand of dog food stands out in the market for the dedication they have put for many years in the development of their dog food products and other species of pets.

The feed Acana Senior is.considered one of the best foods for senior dogs and, for these reasons, it is appropriate to provide details about its characteristics, caloric content, components and what are the benefits that a senior dog gets by consuming it on a regular basis.

Features of Senior Dog Food

Older dogs may begin to loseThat is why it is very important to provide them with a food that contains high levels of protein , but is also easy to digest.

Acana dog food is rich in meat and protein , which will help them maintain their lean muscle mass. It is low in carbohydrates to preventdiseases such as obesity and diabetes. It is made from chicken, eggs and fish. It is good for all breeds and sizes.

Calories based on healthy proteins and fats

The composition of the ingredients is varied and balanced . It represents a calculated consumption of 3458 kcal. per kilogram of food. It contains:

  • Dehydrated and fresh chicken
  • Chicken liver.
  • Fresh egg
  • Sole
  • Whole potatoes
  • Fiber from peas, alfalfa and apples
  • Whole pears, pumpkins, carrots, spinach, blueberries and chicory root
  • Fennel
  • Lavender

As for its nutritional additives, it contains vitamin A, D3, E, B (1,2,3,5,6 and 12), folic acid and choline. Minerals include: sodium,chloride, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine and selenium. In amino acids are present: lysine, threonine, methionine, valine and others.

Omega 3 and 6, DHA, EPA, phosphorus and fiber are other of its components, whose positive effects on cognitive deficit have been demonstrated in older animals.

Kibble diameter and hardness are appetizing aspects tothe animal

The size and appearance of the pellets or kibble are details that should also be taken into account when choosing a dog food. Its consistency and mixing it with water helps the animal to enjoy the moment of eating.

In the case of Acana senior, the size of the kibble is medium on average , but both color and size can vary. LoThe brand's transcendent feature is that all its products are made with fresh food from the prairies of Western Canada, where there are large fertile lands and crystal clear waters. In addition, its products have a limited content of carbohydrates and cereals, which is convenient for the dietary balance of the animal, especially in elderly dogs.

Just as the composition of the ingredients is important, the portion is also important. To know how much food you should give your dog, it is necessary to know its weight. Therefore, it is recommended to take into account the following average, which also varies according to the degree of activity that the dog has:

If it is a dogactive, these are the recommended portions according to their weight:

  • 5 kilograms: 115 grams
  • 10 kilograms: 180 grams
  • 20 kilograms 285 grams
  • 30 kilograms 385 grams

If the dog is sedentary the portions decrease:

  • 5 kilograms: 60 grams
  • 10 kilograms: 115 grams
  • 20 kilograms 190 grams
  • 30 kilograms
  • 30 kilograms.260 grams

What benefits your dog gets from feeding Acana Senior

The best senior dog food will be able to provide the amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the animal needs to look and feel healthy . As we have already mentioned, the food should be adapted to their age and, being of good quality, will help to improve their system.Your dog will be happier and will show it in each of his actions.

By providing him with a complete food, you avoid joint problems, cognitive dysfunction syndromes (similar to senile dementia, but in animals) and also improve his defences. It avoids the risk of the onset oftumors, as well as getting a good source of fiber, which is essential during old age.

Acana Senior is a biologically appropriate product to feed your dog and make sure that you are offering him an important source of energy and vitality to keep him happy during the years he has left to live. Visit our online store and discover our acana feed.senior !


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