Acana adult dog food benefits large dogs

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Efreya Waitecker

If you have a large dog you should choose a suitable dog food, such as Acana dog food for large dogs. Large dogs are considered those that exceed 25 kg in weight, these must follow a specific diet to meet their nutritional needs and to reduce the risk of disease, typical of dogs of their size.

The dog food for dogs

can be used for large dogs.largeimproves their diet, as it contains specific ingredients to make your diet is good, healthy and balanced.

Dogs are carnivorous animals descendants of the wolf, they need a diet rich in animal protein, especially large breeds. Therefore Acana dogs incorporates in its products natural ingredients based on chicken, fish and egg,the best natural components to properly feed xl-sized dogs.

The best Acana dog food

Acana adult dog food contains high quality ingredients specifically for large dogs and helps you provide the nutrients needed for large dogs. Typically, a dog over 25 kg needs less calcium andphosphorus than mini or small breeds, metabolizes food more slowly, so it is important to choose a diet suitable for them.

Acana dog food kibbles are large, favoring the intake of the right amount of food, chewing the feed and lightening digestion.

Acana dog food is made with chicken, fish, eggs, eggs and other ingredients.It contains fresh and dehydrated meat in higher proportions than other feeds. This food keeps your dog's muscles in top shape thanks to the amount of protein. It is a healthy food, with no preservatives and premium quality ingredients.

In addition, the health of your large dog depends on the right amount of vegetables to keep him healthy and healthy.strong . At Acana's factory located in Canada, they receive fresh food every day that is sourced locally, with vegetables traditionally consumed on nearby farms; pumpkin, potatoes, apples, pears, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and high quality.

These ingredients keep your dog energetic and keep his metabolism active.and healthy, facilitating the digestive process and caring for the internal organs of the majestic canines.

Acana feed for large dogs, is low in carbohydrates and sugars, as it is manufactured using peas and lentils from local farms. Among these wholesome ingredients, they incorporate ground oats, which provide enough naturally occurring carbohydrates, tokeep your dog at its best, with a low glycemic index that helps metabolize food without the need to produce large amounts of insulin.

Acana feed, also keeps your dog's skin and coat looking healthy, and strengthens the immune system by incorporating herring oil in its composition, a source of omega-3.

Choose Acana feed .compared to other feeds.

  • Contains 60% animal protein.
  • The ingredients used are of high quality , and come from the factory environment, which allows them to be fresh and with all their properties.
  • No preservatives are used.
  • High content of vitamins and antioxidants, contains 20% of vegetables.
  • Reduced phosphorus content.
  • Keeps the dog's metabolism active and healthy.

How to use Acana dog food

To use it correctly, you should do the following:

  • It should be used for dogs weighing 25 kg or more, it is specifically for large dogs.
  • Follow these stepsthese tips to facilitate the intake of food and digestion of your dog:
    • Keep the feeder in a high position, large dogs can suffer from diseases caused by the position of the column. If you place the feeder at his height, facilitate your dog's posture and intake will be easier. In addition, reduce gas and flatulence.
    • Watch the intake of food.water and excess gas in your dog, can cause stomach torsion. Large breeds are more prone to suffer from this serious pathology.
    • After the meal, keep the dog relaxed, without play or exercise.

Dosage :

  • On each Acana packet, you will find a table with the measurements of the ration and the characteristics of each dog,you can use it as an initial reference and adjust the rations to the needs of your dog , depending on age, energy, and daily activity.
  • It is recommended to give two feedings of feed, so that the digestive system works properly.
  • Always remember to provide water to the taste of the animal, clean and fresh every day.
  • The feed packages areavailable in various sizes , and its format in hermetically sealed bag, allows the correct conservation of the food. In addition, they should be kept in dry and cool places.

The feed Acana for large dogs is suitable for adult dogs, made with natural ingredients and without preservatives to meet their nutritional needs.enter our shoponline and discover the best options of acana dog food!

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